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Outstanding Homes for Sale in Little Italy, San Diego, CA
Kay Bell
Property for Sale in Little Italy Real Estate in Little Italy is a popular choice for those interested in owning a home or business in a neighborhood that is rich with culture. It has become one of the most desirable neighborhoods in San Francisco in the recent years and sits on the northern fringes of downtown where there are an eclectic blend of stylish condos to choose from. In downtown, which is minutes away there is also a variety of hip and funky boutiques and shops to take care of all your shopping needs, as well as numerous venues for upscale dining. Little Italy itself has become a popular place to dine and has many of the best Italian bistros and restaurants available. The neighborhood has much to offer in the form of recreation including Amici park. The park has Bocci ball courts, playing fields, and playgrounds for children. There are several schools also located in the neighborhood or close by. There are several attractions to visit including famous landmarks such as Piazza Basilone, a tribute to soldiers who never returned from World War II. The neighborhood is bustling with activity and a great place to own a business or own a home. If you are looking for a place with rich cultural heritage, you should look at (real estate in Little Italy) District of San Francisco.
Pacita revised photo
Go from China to Italy --- in San Francisco
Pacita Dimacali, Alameda/Contra Costa Counties CA (Alain Pinel)
Four grade school friends, reuniting for a Friday night out in San Francisco ….four grandmothers (except one  -- I don't have kids, just dogs) who just want to eat, drink and be merry. No, we didn't make reservations. On a Friday night. Is it possible to find a place downtown? Apparently, it is We decided to meet on the corner of Broadway and Columbus  in San Francisco to eat at the New Sun Hong Kong Restaurant.  This was a sentimental favorite since this was the favorite Chinese restaurant of the late father of one of the women.  Fortunately, there’s reason why it was a favorite: the food is pretty darned good. Except we weren’t too fond of their version of calamari. We should have known better than to even ask for it. But everything else we bought  was  scrumptious. Fortunately, they did serve wine – choose between the house white or the house red. Not complaining. At least they served wine! From China to Italy After a dinner of fine food. mediocre wine and non-stop laughter, we walked up the street on Broadway towards Little italy in search of dessert and after dinner drinks. We passed by the Stinking Rose...and decided to keep walking. To the uninitiated, the Stinking Rose is famous for its dishes, ALL of them laden with garlic. The first Italian restraurant we tried to get into wouldn’t seat us when they found out all we wanted was dessert. Their loss. Mona Lisa, how we love you! Then we came upon a restaurant with outdoor seating (and overhead heaters) at the Mona Lisa. As luck would have it, there were seats available and they welcomed us with open arms. We had a blast. We had three desserts  and a generous helping of picture taking when we saw this insanely beautiful vintage car --- a 4-seater convertible that at first we thought was a Mini Cooper, but turned out to be a Fiat, circa 1960, with wood seats and wood trim.  The owner had parked the car in front of the restaurant, and appropriately enough, it had the Mona Lisa on the hood. It was the natural draw as hordes of people had their pictures taken with the car. Yes, we can!Yes, it’s possible for four senior citizens to roam the streets of San Francisco, go out on a Friday night, find decent restaurants and be accommodated without making reservations. It was a lovely evening. We talked about our days at Malate Catholic School in the Philippines, what paths we took since then, the life we led, and the lives we live now. Our bottom line? Life is good!
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