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Family Outtings on the Back Roads of Sonoma this Fall!
kathleen bonham (FHAllen, Sonoma Country and Vintage)
                                            Traveling the Back Roads of Sonoma County / Fall Series This weekend my husband, our miniature schnauzer and I went on a excursion along the byways of West Sonoma County. The first segment of our trip took us along Hall Road going west through the Santa Rosa plain to Occidental Road to 116 going South. All along the route were scenes that attested to West County's peculiar combination of the bucolic, the whimsical and the free - spirited! For example , this mailbox is approximately twelve feet off the ground. As it label indicates , it is only for AIR MAIL. A few yards down the road, was a ranchers collection of old farm machinery. The centerpiece is a Vintage John Deere tractor with classic metal lugged wheels. I'm sure if you fired- her - up its two cycle engine would POP loudly enough to be heard in downtown Sebastopol. A few more miles down the road were Hall Road turns south to intercept with Occidental Road, we came upon a coffee-clatch of Holsteins gathered for afternoon "snacks." Or was Clo visiting? For those of you who are not familiar with the North Bay, Clo the cow is the mascot for Clover Stornetta Dairy, a family owned cow ranch and dairy. Suffice to say she specializes on puns on her name, such as MarClo Polo! This lone Holstein was perhaps Clos's lookout? Mailboxes and address signs are another way to "create your own" expression with left over metal scrapes  and poles that are so often part of farm life. We loved this "tin" man giving signal directions to "his" home. Our final destination took us to Halls Apple Farm which also grows pumpkins and gourds for autumnal festivities. Check out the bounty of the season and the size of some of these pumpkins! If you look closely you can see my husband Jerry ( the guy with the Illinois orange cap on ) and our little schnauzer Neddie by the wagon. The colorful richness of this apple tree reveals a darker truth thanks to the competition  from Chinese imports, most of Sonomas apple crop is being left to rot on the ground. But that  is another story for another day. Stay tuned for more adventures on our Sonoma County Travels.Living in this part of California makes us thankful not only for our beautful vistas and bounties but the generous spirit of the people that live here. Kathleen Bonham Country and Vintage Home Specialist Sebastopol, Santa Rosa, Healdsburg Kathleen Bonham Vintage Home Specialist Healdsburg, Santa Rosa, Sebastopol
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