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Real Estate is going to the dogs in Lawrence, KS
Tanya Kulaga, REALTOR CRS, ABR, GRI (Realty Executives, Hedges Real Estate)
   Last year we had the opportunity to baby sit... or should I say doggie sit our neighbor's lhasa apso, named Enzo, while our neighbor was out of town.  My husband suggested to me that I was going to meet quite a few people walking such a spunky dog...  Not only was my husband right (how often can a woman say that!) but the first day I met a man who was moving to Australia and needed to sell his house ASAP...  But the story doesn't end there... his house was perfect for one of my buyers who ended up buying it the same day!Real estate here in Lawrence is definitely going to the dogs!  We became so attached to Enzo over the few short days he lived with us that we decided to find a dog of our own...A few months later we added a miniature apricot poodle to our family and go walking every day!      Tanya KulagaRealtor CRS, ABR, GRIRealty Executives, Hedges Real Estate(785)550-2585www.SearchLawrence.com
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