Poet Section (Short Hills, NJ)
Poet Section (Short Hills, NJ) Real Estate News
Sold in 23 days for full asking price! Woot!
Juliet Johnson, Jacksonville Social Media Marketing (Vizzitopia)
Catching up with photos, slide shows, general marketing, etc. This was "the little house that did!"  Trading promptly in 23 days, for full asking price.  Realtor was so pleased; homeowners are delightful people who deserved this win.  All this in July, which is our quietest month for home staging, second only to December!! ______________________________________________________ Juliet Johnson Staging home stages the luxury real estate market of New Jersey, presenting homes in their best light for sale. JJS - home staging NJ with $pectacular re$ults!~ I'd like to invite you to connect with me on these other places: Juliet Johnson serves Jacksonville, FL realtors, home sellers and small business with social media strategy, online visibility and product creation services, that include training if you want to do it yourself. "If your social media activity isn't a revenue generator for you, you're doing it wrong." ShareThis //
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