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A Realtors Life in Eastlake Ohio
Aili Stone (Stanmor Realty, Co)
Moving to Eastlake only a few years ago from Ashtabula was a big change for me. A finnish girl always close to the water with a little bit of country still attached to her. I did not know much about my community until I became a Realtor. With great knowledge obtained from my brokers Stan and Linda Leff. I realized I would soon love where I live. I have gained great respect for the community I live in, realizing that over 300 years ago the Erie Indians village was Lakeshore Blvd. and reeves rd. In 1830 settlers from New York came and purchased acres for only $7 to 10 dollars. That completely blows my mind, imagine an acre for that price. In 1951 we became a city only populated by 7486 with a volunteer fire department managing by using borrowed equipement and renting trucks for a dollar a day. By the 1970's the population had grew to 20,000. As of 2006 the population still ranges about the same. I just recently moved to the absolutely beautiful Chagrin Lagoons in eastlake that I adore and it brings much of what I love and what I have been wanting to give to my family. I live right on the channel of the chagrin river, fishing and kayaking and so many beautiful sunsets. I feel at home and my finnish lifestyle will continue to grow and raise my family here.
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