Meadows At Surrey Hills (Oklahoma City, OK)
Meadows At Surrey Hills (Oklahoma City, OK) Real Estate News
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Ruth Ann Mertens-Oklahoma City Real Estate (Paradigm AdvantEdge Realty)
 About three years ago we built a new home in the Meadows at Surrey Hills.  This subdivision is in the rapidly-growing far west metro area, with a Yukon mailing address, but within the Oklahoma City limits and with Oklahoma City services.  We love it here!This lovely neighborhood is far enough out to feel peaceful and serene (somewhat out-in-the-country), but is close to all the city conveniences.  For example, there is great shopping, wonderful restaurants, and all services available within just a few minutes on the Northwest Expressway and on Hefner Road.  As well, we are only about a mile and a half off the Kilpatrick Turnpike and can get almost anywhere in Oklahoma City in around thirty minutes, most places much less.There is also a small shopping center close by with convenience store, pharmacy, carwash, and other businesses.  The 7-11 there has almost the feel of a little country store.Homes here are affordable (primarily in the 150-200K range), and have appreciated well since we purchased ours in 2004.  The community will add a swimming pool in the near future, and residents have access to the great golf course and golf club at the neighboring original Surrey Hills subdivision.The Meadows is in the Yukon School District, and the well-respected Surrey Hills Elementary School is right here in our subdivision.  There is a large park just behind the school.  This is a great family community!We love to watch the birds here, and have many species which visit us regularly, including Eastern Bluebird, Baltimore Oriole, Northern Cardinal, Purple Finch, Mourning Dove, Nighthawk, Purple Martin, Snowbird, Harris Sparrow, Red Tailed Hawk, Mockingbird, and many others.IF YOU WOULD LIKE MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS OR OTHER GREAT WEST METRO COMMUNITIES, PLEASE CALL OR E-MAIL USING CONTACT INFORMATION AT RIGHT!
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