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Search and Rescue
Valerie Zinger, Home Organizer (House Proud Ottawa-Ontario-Canada)
You will be getting a packet of documents ready when selling your home.  Buyers want to see proof of purchases, maintenance, any warranties, and instruction manuals fo appliances.  You know that you will need to find any information from when you purchased the house, a copy of the home inspection done at that time and a copy of the survey if one is available.  This takes time and, if you are like most people, a some time will be spent looking through all kinds of papers.  While you are doing this, dont't forget to search for all the other paperwork: your water test and cleaning the septic tank, the chimney sweep, the vents cleaned, the annual furnace inspection, the purchase of appliances (with their instructions and warranties) any contracts you have for snow clearning, gardening, rental contracts of the hot water tank or other parts of the home, any work you had done on the house or yard, permits for construction, etc. While not required, these will give your house a... Clean bill of health Photo Credit: MNFSIU Valerie Zinger Ottawa, Canada      613-859-7759
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Things are bubbling with DOM
Valerie Zinger, Home Organizer (House Proud Ottawa-Ontario-Canada)
Buyers and Buyers' agents are very interested in knowing the number of days that a particular house has been on the market.  The question is "How long has this house been for sale?" A house that has been on the market for less than a couple of weeks is still hot.  If it is just listed and properly priced then it may be sizzling hot - subject of a bidding war in a Sellers' Market.  A potential Buyer may want to avoid newly listed houses just because of the bidding war situation.  Conversely, some Buyers will only look at new listings assuming that older listings are "picked over". If the house has been on the market for a long time, Buyers and agents will be asking what is the problem.  Is it the wrong price?  Is there a problem with the house that the MLS pictures do not show?  Is there a stigma to the house or neighbourhood?  Maybe the Sellers are stubborn and refuse to move on their price or they are just listing the house to see what the market will bear and are not really interested in selling unless they find an uninformed Buyer. DOM (Days on the Market) for an area is also interesting to a Buyer and Seller.  For the Seller, there is no need to lose sleep about not selling a home in a week if the average DOM in the area is 28 days or greater.  If houses turn over quickly then the Seller will have some indication that the price may be wrong.  For the Buyer, looking in an area with a high DOM means that, when selling the house at a later time, he or she can expect it to take longer than in more popular areas. There is a lot of information available to Buyers and Sellers to make informed pricing and buying decisions.  Your REALTORĀ®is your best source of this information and will provide you with assistance in the analysis of those statistics. Pop that champagne after you have become an informed Buyer and Seller. Photo credit:  PriceReduced Valerie Zinger Ottawa, Canada      613-859-7759
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Icicles Can Kill You and a Sale
Valerie Zinger, Home Organizer (House Proud Ottawa-Ontario-Canada)
You can say all you want about winter, most of it will be negative.  However, one good thing about having snow on the roof of a house and icicles hanging from the side is that they are indicators of whether or not there is adequate insulation in the attic.  If all the houses on the street have snow on the roof and one does not (and it has a similar pitch) then there is a likelihood that heat is escaping through the roof and melting the snow.  As the snow melts, it forms the icicles at the edge of the roof. While icicles are fascinating, 1) do not stand or park your car underneath these as they could impale you and your car and 2) as they melt, skating rinks of ice form underneath that are sneaky accidents waiting to happen.   Notice in the picture that the dormer window does not have snow on top.  This is an indication of poor insulation.  Dorm windows are particularly difficult to insulate. The home inspector will take the lack of snow and the icicles as possibilities of heat loss and will look in the attic to determine what type and what depth of insulation has been used.  Buyers are shocked at some of the insulation types.  Newspapers were sometimes used in very old homes.  Horse hair is another now odd type.  From time to time, buyers will find old Sears catalogs.  What?  We think of the pink bats of fiberglass but vermiculite and sprayed in cellulose are just two more types.  As a Buyer, you want a decent amount of insulation to prevent heat loss and keep your heating bills in the winter and air conditioning in the summer in a reasonable price range. Embrace winter for what it can tell you about your house. Photo Credit:  Weather Watch - Ottawa 0308 Valerie Zinger Ottawa, Canada      613-859-7759
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Great flip. Investors Dream - Rental Potential - 2253 Fillmore Cr. Ottawa.
Roch St-Georges (HomeLife Capital Realty Inc., Brokerage)
Investor dream!! Semi-Detached Bungalow located on a corner lot in a quiet family oriented neighbourhood. Both levels has their own kitchen, 2 bedrms, 3 pc bth and laundry. High eff furnace/06, Roof/ 01, Fascia & Sofit / 01, C/Air / 01. Washer and Dryer in each unit are included. Vacant easy to show. Easy rental income potential for investor or you can move into one and rent out the other to help pay the mortgage! Come and see it! 613-889-7732 Asking price: $279,900 Quick Call 613-889-7732 to Book Your Showing Today! Roch St-Georges, Sales Representative - HomeLife Capital Realty Inc., Brokerage - Direct: 613-889-7732 Office: 613-627-4141 Wondering how much your neighbors sold for? | Beat Other Buyers to Hot New Listings Enter for your chance to win our $10,000 Sweepstakes
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