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The Cumberland Trail is a Tennessee State Scenic Hiking Trail and it became Tennessee's 53rd state park in 1998. In addition to providing multiple recreational opportunities, this protected greenway will act as a buffer to protect water quality and provide natural habitat for animals. The Justin P. Wilson Cumberland Trail State Park, is the state's only linear park that runs 300 miles. The park cuts through eleven Tennessee counties including the Cumberland Gap National Historic Park on the Tennessee-Virginia-Kentucky border and Signal Point near Chattanooga.One hundred fifty miles of the Cumberland Trail are open and ready to explore. With breathtaking mountain views and an abundance of wildlife. Your walk includes sites from the Cumberland Mountain Segments above LaFollette and Jacksboro and the Cumberland Gap National Military Park as well as Grassy Cove Segment on Black and Brady Mountain in Cumberland County. The Tennessee River Gorge Segment in Prentice Cooper State Forest, and the Obed Wild and Scenic River Segment in the Obed River Gorge and Catoosa WMA is also a part of the one hundred fifty mile stretch.The Cumberland Trail wraps around the remnants of the Cumberland Mountains that once sat as high as the Rockies. The trail represented a barrier to all who dared push through storied gaps westward onto and over the Cumberland plateau. It now provides a link north to south, forming natural connections and opportunities for scenic vistas and curious geological formations. The Cumberland Trail is designed and built to minimize the potential environmental impact on sensitive wildlife habitat, unique aquatic or terrestrial habitats, or endangered/threatened species. The Cumberland Trail's environmentally conscious footprint on the land provides the hiker with picturesque waterfalls, scenic overlooks, and a wilderness experience rare in the eastern US. The Cumberland Trail as a center for recreational activities and conservation on the Cumberland Plateau, will also be a provider and source of environmental education of both the young and the old in the Southeast on our natural world and conservation inherent to a stable planet. Cumberland Trail Route : Cumberland Mountain Smoky Mountain Frozen Head: Obed Wild and Scenic River Grassy Cove: Stinging Fork Piney River Laurel-Snow North Chickamauga Tennessee River Gorge Cumberland Trail Conference19 East 4th St.Crossville, TN 38555(931) 456-6259 Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed Courtesy of : Melissa Grant, Affiliate Broker 931-210-8277 Cellular/Direct email Crossville TN Real Estate, your source Real Estate in Crossville TN, your source Click here for your free Relocation Package : Relocation Expert for Crossville TN Click here for more Crossville TN Real Estate : Your Crossville TN Realtor Mobile : 757-694-7013  Email : Website : “When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.” ― Helen Keller
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Crossville, Tennessee is located high atop the Cumberland Plateau. Located east of Knoxville, west of Nashville and south of Chattanooga. With mild climate, 2,000 foot elevation, a low crime rate, vibrant economy and great health cares systems and fine educational programs you can rest assure there is something for everyone here on the Cumberland Plateau.Crossville, Tennessee continues to change and for the better.With new construction and new businesses everywhere you look, you can be assured that Crossville continuously strives to build relationships and unite families within our community. Crossville is proud to claim some of the most awe-inspiring scenery you'll find and the nationally recognized Cumberland County Playhouse, a family orientated professional theatre. Not to mention we are home to Tennessee's largest Wildlife Management Area, A State Park, Resorts, Recreational and Cultural opportunities and fabulous shopping.                                                                Crossville, Tennessee is recognized Nationally for it's Historic Sites. For example :GRASSY COVE :is Legend of the Petrified Soldier... Saltpeter used for gunpowder found the Grassy cove area's saltpeter cave important during the Civil War. After the war, a group of cave explorers discovered a petrified soldier in full uniform. A search was made for the soldiers family. After the burial in the Grassy Cove Methodist Church cemetery, fear of his ghost rose among residents and he was removed and re-interred at an undisclosed location. HALES CHAPEL :Is a one room wooden structure. The oldest grave in the cemetery at the rear is that of infant Nancy L. Rector, February 1880. The cemetery also includes the grave of Hiram Hall, the last man hanged in Cumberland County ( for murder of his wife ). KEMMER STAND MARKER -Built in 1880 it was one of the first roads to ever cross the Great Wilderness of Cumberland County. Now a rest area it continues it tradition of the early days when travelers stopped and also found hostel at other "stands" dotting the county like Johnson Stand, Miller Stand, Lowrey Stand, Cal Gibson Tavern.OLD CUMBERLAND COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL : In 1929, the Cumberland County Court voted to build the Cumberland County High School. The use of native Crab Orchard stone was it's first on a public building in Cumberland County. The High School was closed in 1963, but was later used as an elementary school. Today, the building is being renovated and will become a portion of the Cumberland County Justice Center.RED FOX FLYNN AND UNDERGROUND RAILROAD :During the civil war , Richard Lafayette Flynn and his wife, Ezylphia, ran and underground Railroad stop in Cumberland County assisting the refuge's, escaping slaves and Union Soldiers, including Andrew's Raiders from Chattanooga on their way to Kentucky. Flynn earned his name "Red Fox" for his ability to slip through the area as furtively as a red fox. Flynn died in 1905 and is buried in Flynn Cemetery.Although Crossville, Tennessee is considered the " Golf Capital of Tennessee" and home to "retire tennessee" the Historical Monuments attract not only the History Buff but people of all walks of life. Crossville, Tennessee has made memories throughout the years and gives you peace of mind knowing "Crossville is about Family"Come make memories with us and enjoy Crossville, TennesseeCourtesy of Melissa Grant, Affiliate Broker, Third Tennessee Realty and Associates, 931-484-4173 Crossville TN Real Estate  Mobile : 757-694-7013  Email : Website : “When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.” ― Helen Keller
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Grassy Cove History
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The Upper Cumberland Geneology Support Group met tonight.  The guest speaker was Martha Hale Kemmer.  She is a very interesting speaker.  Martha is a six generation native of Grassy Cove and it is her passion to relay her family history.  Grassy Cove was settled in 1801 by a caravan of settlers from Virginia.  They were veterans of the Revolutionary War that were looking to collect on land grants.  Grassy Cove is part of the Cumberland Mountains and Cumberland Plateau.  The steep and rugged terrain according to Martha was so difficult for early pioneers that it took 7 horses to pull an empty wagon up the mountains.  These settlers had climbed to the top of the Plateau and decided to explore.  They found the valley of Grassy Cove.  The trees had been burned by the Indians for hunting purposes and this lush grass had grown up as tall as a horse.  Six of the settlers decided that they would settle here.  Grassy Cove covers 10,041 acres with about 4600 acre of bottom land.  It is 6 miles long and 2 miles wide.  It is a limestone sink with caves and artesian springs and fertile farm land.  Grassy Cove tends to flood about every 7 years.  The water drains through Mill Cave.  It takes about 7 days for the water to 14 miles away thata begins the Sequatchie River.  AT one time Grassy Cove was a thriving community with 200 families.  The Kemmers have a General Store that has supplied this valley for generations.  Martha entertained our group with stories from her childhood.  She spiced it up historical stories of Grassy Cove to include the petrified  Civil War Soldier.  Stories of the Civil War that tore the community apart. Grassy Cove is a picturesque part of our county. Gorgeous valley surround by a spectacular mountain with history as interesting as it is beautiful.  If you would like a charming speaker to spin the history of our community Martha fits the bill.  Thank you Martha for a wonderful evening.
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