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When customers call
Jeanne & Ralph Janisch ABR CRS Brokers, Selling Durango CO homes to good people like you! (The Durango Home Team )
I think we can all agree that one of our most important functions as Real Estate brokers, is to connect with the buying public.Connecting is only a part of the process.  Communicating is the most important thing we do.Day before Yesterday we had a repeat learning experience.  Sometimes we just need reminders...A man called on one of our listings.  He asked questions and Ralph answered, trying to build rapport and get information.  Then the man asked if he could see the property the next day.  We had several appointments that sliced the day seriously but Ralph made an appointment around 2 pm which the man said was ok.  We scheduled the appointment with the seller.  This is a day sleeper so his schedule is more important than ours!We had two appointments for that time period.  Ralph headed out to show the property.  Driving across town always takes time and gasoline and is considered a cost of doing business.As you may have guessed, the man was a no show...   Ralph waited for forty minutes past the appointed hour.  Generally that makes for a waste of time and productivity .What good was accomplished for anyone?  It was an exercise in futility!  I cannot think of anything constructive that it did for Mr. No show either.Yes we should have gotten more info and yes we should have called him when he did not show up.  When someone plans to keep their appointment, they call us and let us know that, so....The question here is why do people do that?  They have to know that they are not planning to come see the property.It is not difficult to say the words, "I am not interested."  People have that right and it is perfectly all right.  Is this behavior new?  No, but it seems to fall in line with the increasing lack of consideration we see in so many parts of our culture.Solutions for poor behavior should perhaps be one good use for one of those continuous studies being done.  Think of the time, aggravation and gasoline that could save!  It might even give us more worthwhile connections with the potential real buyers. Ralph and Jeanne Janisch BROKERS 305B CR 234 Durango, CO 81301 P: (970) 759-1007 P: (970) 759-0027 E: W: W: Durango, Mancos, Cortez, Dolores, Bayfield, Ignacio, Vallecito
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