Point Elizabeth (Chesapeake, VA)
Point Elizabeth (Chesapeake, VA) Real Estate News
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Homes for Sale in Point Elizabeth, Chesapeake, VA
Brady Howard, Managing Broker, The Cascade Team Gig Harbor (The Cascade Team Gig Harbor)
Point Elizabeth in Chesapeake Virginia is a Beautiful subdivision in the Western Branch School district.  The homes range from Town homes on the left front side to million dollar waterfront properties on the bottom right. Pictured below is a typical home in the mid range, most of the homes are all brick, lots are quite big and most are wooded.  About 30% of the homes have in ground pools and almost all have a 2 car garage, some with detached garages as well. This is a Beautiful and safe neighborhood, if your looking to raise a family, look no further. Here is a list of current homes for sale, for more info please call Status,List #,Att/Det,Address,U#,Ar,Div,List Price,Entered,BR,FB,HB,SqFt,Year,WF,Style,Style,Price Sale,Off Market,MT,MCACTV,0851152,ATT,2807 CARDIFF LANE,  ,33,111,"185,000",11/25/2008,2,2,0,1496,1987,N,TOWN,  ,  ,  ,  ,A ACTV,0849654,ATT,3736 WHITECHAPEL ARCH,  ,33,111,"199,900",11/12/2008,3,2,0,1493,1994,N,TRAN,  ,  ,  ,  ,A ACTV,0844622,ATT,3614 WHITECHAPEL ARCH,  ,33,111,"215,000",10/04/2008,3,2,1,1634,1998,N,TRAN,  ,  ,  ,  ,A ACTV,0852212,ATT,2819 CARDIFF LANE,  ,33,111,"215,000",12/05/2008,3,2,1,1564,1987,N,TOWN,  ,  ,  ,  ,A ACTV,0849236,DET,3625 POINT ELIZABETH DR.,  ,33,111,"227,900",11/10/2008,3,2,0,1984,1986,N,CONT,  ,  ,  ,  ,A ACTV,0831057,DET,3820 POINT ELIZABETH DR,  ,33,111,"275,000",07/08/2008,3,3,0,2200,1976,N,RNCH,  ,  ,  ,  ,A ACTV,0837905,DET,3727 HARDWICK TERRACE,  ,33,111,"289,900",08/19/2008,4,2,0,1860,1983,N,RNCH,  ,  ,  ,  ,AACTV,0837434,DET,3826 POINT ELIZABETH DRIVE,  ,33,111,"299,000",08/15/2008,4,2,1,2095,1985,N,RNCH,  ,  ,  ,  ,A ACTV,0815629,DET,3028 GOLDEN HIND RD,  ,33,111,"360,000",04/04/2008,4,2,1,2950,1983,N,CONT,  ,  ,  ,  ,A NEW,0853000,DET,3713 LUDGATE DR,  ,33,111,"360,000",12/12/2008,5,2,1,2816,1985,N,COL,  ,  ,  ,  ,A ACTV,0839382,DET,3637 POINT ELIZABETH DR,  ,33,111,"379,000",08/29/2008,4,2,1,2400,1986,N,COL,TRAD,  ,  ,  ,A ACTV,0842360,DET,3713 FARNSWORTH DRIVE,  ,33,111,"449,900",09/19/2008,4,2,1,3000,1988,Y,COL,TRAD,  ,  ,  ,A ACTV,0804143,DET,3813 WOODMOOR COURT,  ,33,111,"479,900",01/24/2008,4,3,0,3000,1980,Y,TRAD,  ,  ,  ,  ,A ACTV,0841826,DET,3064 FALMOUTH DR,  ,33,111,"1,499,900",09/16/2008,6,6,1,7908,2007,Y,CONT,  ,  ,  ,  ,ABrady Howard Managing Broker The Cascade Team Gig Harbor 253-720-3503 info@BradyHoward.com
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