Historic Mitchell Street (Milwaukee, WI)
Historic Mitchell Street (Milwaukee, WI) Real Estate News
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Mitchell Street Receives $3.1 Million for Improvements
John Dye (Terapak Realty & Management)
Historic Mitchell Street, located on Milwaukee's south side, just received $3.1 Million for improvements.According to the Journal Sentinel, the money will go to street scape improvements, home exterior improvements, and would go to help fighting crime in the area.Historic Mitchell Street was one of the finest shopping districts in Milwaukee.  Driving down Mitchell, you can still see remnants of what used to me.  Over the past few years, the last of the old-time stores closed in Mitchell.  Goldman's Department Store, one of my favorites, will be closing on October 1st, 2007.http://www.city.milwaukee.gov/GoldmansARichPastBri22532.htmHopefully this influx of money will improve the state of the neighborhood and will stir commercial development in the area.  Businesses like the Modjeska Theater and the Kunzelmann Esser Artists Lofts give a glimpse of what could become of Historic Mitchell Street.
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