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Anybody that's hung around the ActiveRain “water cooler” for any length of time understands the value of the relationships built on the site. AR is so much more than a social networking site, however.

It's also the place to get up-to-the-minute information on topics that affect your clients. Ask yourself: what's the most confusing aspect of buying a home for the real estate consumer? The answer is most likely financing the purchase. Credit scores and how they affect the mortgage rate, types of loan products, points, fees – whew! -- there's a lot to know about mortgages.

To serve your clients effectively you need to know about this stuff and keep abreast of changes in the mortgage industry. Thankfully, ActiveRain is not only popular with real estate agents and brokers but with finance professionals as well.

Whether you're an agent trying to figure out what the Fed's latest move means to your clients or a mortgage pro who needs input on how to build relationships with real estate agents, ActiveRain is the place to tap into a wealth of knowledge.

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By Joe Petrowsky, Your Mortgage Consultant for Life
(Mortgage Consultant, Right Trac Financial Group, Inc. NMLS # 2709)
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“Staying Married and Want to Live Separately” Three times so far this year this has been the situation. It is hard for a lender to get their arms wrapped around this concept. Some lenders just won’t do this loan, but others figure out a way to make it work. Underwriters want to know: 1)    Is the...
By Joe Petrowsky, Your Mortgage Consultant for Life
(Mortgage Consultant, Right Trac Financial Group, Inc. NMLS # 2709)
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“Are You the Go To Guy for Your Client’s Needs?”Very early on with my clients I establish a “go to relationship”. Below you will see an example of this client asking for another referral or recommendation.I want my clients to understand that this is not a typical or average relationship. When a c...
By Joe Petrowsky, Your Mortgage Consultant for Life
(Mortgage Consultant, Right Trac Financial Group, Inc. NMLS # 2709)
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“Time for the Son-In-Law Take Over”  Always ask for the best way to communicate whenever you get an inquiry that comes from your website, no matter how they got to your site. When I ask how to best communicate it is asking permission. Over 50% respond with an answer, the rest is up to me.Keith,  ...
By Joe Petrowsky, Your Mortgage Consultant for Life
(Mortgage Consultant, Right Trac Financial Group, Inc. NMLS # 2709)
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  “Agent Says She is Going to Take this Fall Off” I got a call from a Realtor asking if I could get a transaction closed by the end of September. It was a pretty simple transaction so I let her know; based on what was described to me I could but to have the prospective buyer contact me as soon as...
By Belinda Johns, Northern Virginia "Hometown" Realtor
(Exit Realty)
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1. Start with your credit. Credit reports are kept by the three major credit agencies, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. They show whether you are habitually late with payments and whether you have run into serious credit problems in the past. A credit score is a number calculated from a formul...
By Bob Crane, Forestland Experts! 715-204-9663
(Woodland Management Service)
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Today it may be good to end with a laugh. My friend Joe Petrowsky shares a lot of wisdom in his blog everyday, and those who follow him have gained immensely, yet we also enjoy those occasional bits of humor that he shares with us too.I hope you enjoy this one too. “This is One Smart Realtor”    ...
By Winston Heverly, GRI, ABR, SFR, CDPE, CIAS, PA
(Winston Realty, Inc.)
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Joe Petrowsky, shared this wonderful classic post that can be used many times over. The array of details and data will surely benefit you and your present or future clients. It is detailed and right to the point. It should also help with any gray areas, to give you an upper hand with this competi...
By Brian Madigan, LL.B., Broker
(RE/MAX West Realty Inc., Brokerage (Toronto))
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Fixed term best preferred rates & posted rates as of August 30, 2015 6 mos                                 3.10%         3.14%1yr                                     2.29%          2.89%2yr                                     2.19%          2.84%3yr                                     2.34%      ...
By JoAnn Moore, Home Loans in Delaware
(The Mortgage Market of Delaware)
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Home Loan FactsA survey was recently conducted where people were asked about the current home lending environment. The results showed many are under the impression that it is very difficult to qualify for a loan. While it is true that lenders require more documentation than in previous years, the...
By Praful Thakkar, Andover, MA: Andover Luxury Homes For Sale
(Keller Williams Realty)
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There are advantages of the 'Joint Credit Cards' - everything is streamlined and just one credit card for both!How does it play when you want to buy the home?Great insight from my dear friend Joe Petrowsky .     “Joint Credit Cards”   Avoid setting up joint credit cards whenever possible as this ...
By Randy Hilman, Associate Broker, GRI, CBR, What Matters to You, Means Everything to Me!
(Randy Hilman Homes at Keller Williams Coastal, Lakes & Mountains Realty)
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Big Bank loan processors frustrate me.  I mean, they are the laziest, lying bunch of do nothings I encounter in our industry.  Am I politically incorrect?  Lately I am feeling emboldened by the defiance of Sir Donald Trump.Back in Tennessee, where I spent half my life, the home boys have a catchy...
By Robert Clapton
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We have direct provider for BG/SBLC/LC from top AA rated banks in the world. HSBC London or HongKong ETC our leasing fee is 6+2 Genuine brokers and Borrower only. Please contact Mr Robert Clapton Contact: Email:  Telephone: +44-777-650-6313 
By Lynn B. Friedman, Concierge Service for Our Atlanta Sellers & Buyers
(Atlanta Homes ODAT Realty Call/Text 404-939-2727 Buckhead - Midtown - Westside -- and more ...)
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Dear Readers - GEORGE SOUTO from Middletown, CT teaches us with every post he wries about Mortgages. His local event posts are interesting as well.  Agents ask prospective Clients if they have their "Mortgage Letter" and then the prospective Client asks, "What is that?" Here George offers a COMPL...
By Tiffany Torgan, La Jolla, CA. Real Estate
(Harcourts Prestige Properties)
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What complete idiots! I have successfully completed my first (a jumbo) being modified and am now still working on the second. I was put on a "trial payment" period back in August to make my lower payments for three months then I was supposed to get a fed ex package in the mail with the paperwork ...
By George Souto, Your Connecticut Mortgage Expert
(George Souto NMLS #65149 FHA, CHFA, VA Mortgages Connecticut)
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Even with all the negative changes impacting the ability of First Time Homebuyers to purchase a home, First Time Homebuyers Continue To Have Option To Purchase A Home.   There are still several mortgage program available to First Time Homebuyer that require little to no money down.  Today there a...
By Susy Thomas, The Road to Your Dream Home in San Diego
(Route 56 Realty)
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 Over the past week, mortgage rates were pushed and pulled by unusually large movements in global stock markets. The economic data had little impact. After a volatile week, mortgage rates ended just a little higher. Concerns about slowing global economic growth, particularly in China, caused the ...
By Joe Petrowsky, Your Mortgage Consultant for Life
(Mortgage Consultant, Right Trac Financial Group, Inc. NMLS # 2709)
Comments 29
“This is One Smart Realtor”  A circus owner runs an ad for a "lion tamer wanted" and two people show up. One is an old Realtor in his seventies, the other a drop-dead gorgeous brunette with a great body in her twenties....The circus owner tells them, "I'm not going to sugar coat it. This is one f...
By Bruce Reichstein, Mortgage Industry Professional - 3 Decades
(Mortgage Industry Professional, Westbound Bank Chairman, and Entrepreneur)
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FHA appraisals can be tricky to understand, depending on the outcome. For example, we get asked several times a year why an FHA appraiser required corrections on cracked or peeling paint on surfaces in a given home.The question is usually associated with the seeming cosmetic nature of these corre...
By Brian Madigan, LL.B., Broker
(RE/MAX West Realty Inc., Brokerage (Toronto))
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Commercial Bond Yields   CMB         GoC         Floating RateInsured Cost of Funds 5 Year - 1.20%*Canada Housing 12/15/20 [-0.03]       5 Year - 0.72%CAN 0.75 09/01/20 [-0.02]       0.90% [-]                       10 Year - 2.05%Canada Housing 12/15/25 [-0.01]       10 Year - 1.42%CAN 2.25 06/0...
Stocks took a break from their mercurial swings today after having recovered much of the recent losses they incurred as a result of wild fluctuation in Chinese currency and markets.  If you spent the day listening to Fed speakers' comments about the impending rate hikes, you would have wound up d...