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Do the old-school real estate marketing methods still work? Is a postcard campaign worth the money? How about cold calling or buying real estate leads?

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By Endre Barath, Jr., Realtor - Los Angeles Home Sales 310.486.1002
(Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices)
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Speechless Sundays:  What is behind the Gate?   If you are a consumer who is considering buying or selling a home, investment real estate, vacation homes, or beach properties in Southern California, Los Angeles, Century City, Westwood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Culver City, Playa Vista, Mari...
By Lise Howe, Assoc. Broker and Attorney Licensed in DC, MD, VA,
(Keller Williams Capital Properties)
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I had to reblog this wonderful post by Barbara Todaro ! Just her comments on direct mail alone are worth reading it.  I loved her advice that if you drop the price, an offer will happen.  This is a great time to make your goals happen. Go for it! Starting with these sage words, you can do it!   D...
By Buffini & Company
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A great blog from Buffini & Company Certified Business Coach, Julie Fasag - Enjoy!   For the past 10 years, I have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of real estate professionals build great businesses by using Buffini & Company’s referral based lead generation system.  One of the reasons I bel...
By Barbara Todaro, "Franklin MA Homes"
(RE/MAX Executive Realty )
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Did you know that if you need a deal badly, and you keep on working, your deal will happen?  Did you know that when you have a collection of listings, and none are selling, they will all drop their prices, if you pressure them consistently?  Did you know that with every drop in price, an offer to...
By Pete X with X Group Real Estate Advocates, Huntington Beach, CA 714.459.2017, Outstanding Agent Referrals-Nationwide
(Investments to Luxury)
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Full Local Representation At A Rebate! Limited Clientele   For full details email the type of property and price range your looking at to: After email communication you will receive a private direct number of an experienced local Rancho Cucamonga REALTOR.   For Avail...
By Bob Haywood,
(McGraw Realtors)
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Sometimes I run into people who know nothing or very little about Oklahoma.  I'm sure that is true of your state and where you live too.What's really funny is that there is often this perception that Oklahoma is all flat, boring and we still live in Tee-Pees.But none of that is true.  What is tru...
By Hugh Thomas Lorch, Specializing In Luxury Homes
(Sterling Fine Properties)
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My good friend Oren Klaff, author of Pitch Anything just did an interview with Simon Treselyan, a former British agent and interrogator...interesting guy...I am always looking for things that relate to making you better at Luxury Home Sales or just real estate sales in general...I also summarized...
By Max VanNatter
(First American Title)
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There was a time when I believed that "winning" was everything.  I was as ignorant as Ricky Bobby; "If you ain't first you're last". Years ago I raced bikes.  You know the kind of bikes ridden by the Tour de France guys.  I was competitive and did well enough to qualify for the Arizona State Cham...
By Kyle Reyes
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Technology is a witch and she’s killing your relationships.You know exactly what I’m talking about it. It’s time you acknowledge that you’re cheating…with your phone.Listen - with today’s technology people constantly have access to their email. Not only do we all have access but also our phones g...
By Vick Pacheco ~ Luxury Homes & Lifestyles, REALTOR,
(Empire Network Realty / Luxury Homes & Lifestyles)
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By Jessica Schweppe, Real Estate Marketing Expert + Blogger
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If you're not actively using LinkedIn for real estate marketing, you're missing out on tons of opportunities to make powerful connections and generate new leads. But how do you effectively leverage the platform to promote yourself? Incorporate these five neat tricks for best results! 5 LinkedIn S...
By Barbara Todaro, "Franklin MA Homes"
(RE/MAX Executive Realty )
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Signage is a very important element in marketing real estate.  People read signs.  People remember signs.  There are some signs that make an impression upon people who are searching for a real estate agent.Here is one of Lorraine’s latest signs with her slogan on a rider on the sign.  I love that...
By Richie Alan Naggar
(people first...then business Ran Right Realty )
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Friends and family even neighbors or a co-worker may approach a Real Estate agent and ask them to help them buy or sell something. The premise is usually that we are close, there is a need and I need your help but I cannot afford to pay you. In fact, I need all the funds coming or going and then ...
By Jennifer Provencio, The Reverse Mortgage Speciailist
(Fresno-Clovis-Visalia-Hanford-Tulare-Merced-Stockton-Modesto-Madera-San Luis Obispo-Bakersfield)
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Have you ever been to a networking event, stayed until the end, walked out to the parking lot, and seen all the business cards scattered around the parking lot? I have! This particular event was one hosted by the Clovis Chamber of Commerce in Fresno, California.  I just wanted to meet a couple of...
By Barbara Todaro, "Franklin MA Homes"
(RE/MAX Executive Realty )
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Do you know what you’ll be doing tomorrow morning when you start your workday?  Do you have a game plan every day, or do you “wing it” and take it as it comes.  Of course, that means you need to hope something DOES come your way.There are many who work in that fashion, and there are others who ha...
By Marte Cliff, your real estate writer
(Marte Cliff Copywriting)
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Kathy Streib asked me to find some rules for the use of lie and lay, so I went in search... And found that there's no wonder most of us are confused.Choosing whether to use lie or lay is easy if you're only working in present tense. The confusion comes because: Many people use these words incorre...
By Marte Cliff, your real estate writer
(Marte Cliff Copywriting)
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Kathy Streib told me that the words "affect" and "effect" give her trouble, so she generally uses "impact" rather than choose one or the other. Since I had at one time thought I knew the rule - but then found some exceptions that confused the issue, I decided to go look it up and give myself a re...
It's time for episode three of The Q's And the A's With The Not-So-Silent Partner.  We take on three questions today.1) How To Use Facebook Dark Posts To Grow Your Business (special video cameo from Debbie Gartner!).2) The In's And Out's of Instagram and Snapchat (special thanks to a friend of Jo...
By Lori Ballen, Digital Marketing Strategist
(The Ballen Group Real Estate Network, The Ballen Method)
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  Get Seller Real Estate Leads using These Keywords. If you are a real estate agent, wanting to generate listings from the web, this set of keywords is your ticket. This list I comprised from the Google Keyword Planner Tool which tells us exactly the popular keywords termssellers are using to fin...
By Lawrence "Larry" & Sheila Agranoff. Call 631-805-4400 (c), Long Island Condo & Home Sale Specialists
(Charles Rutenberg Realty 255 Executive Dr, Plainview NY 11803)
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East Hills is a prestigious Village in Nassau County New York on The North Shore of Long Island. It is part of the Greater Roslyn area, which is anchored by The Village of Roslyn. Incorporated in 1931, the Village of East Hills is the largest Village in Roslyn.  Included neighborhoods in East Hil...