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Coaches, books, classes and seminars aim to capture real estate agents dollars with promises to teach them any number of ways to improve their business. From sales skills to how to close more deals to how to win with expireds (expired listings) and more, everyone has something to teach you.

There's nothing wrong with continuing education, whether it's keeping on top of new laws and regulations or learning how to be more productive. But before you spend an arm and a leg on any of those things, pull up a chair, put on your glasses and peruse the pages in this section of ActiveRain.

It is only here that you can tap into the world's largest online real estate community and actively engage with your peers. Find out what works and what doesn't from those that actually put into practice what others merely teach. Read how-to articles, advice on designations, certifications and continuing education classes. You never know where you will find the inspiration to take your business to the next level. So, pull up a chair and dig in!

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By Home Value Leads
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This post was originally published on the Home Value Leads blog.You work hard every day to make sure your client’s real estate transactions go smoothly. You go the extra mile and out of your way (often!) to accommodate their needs – and you don’t mind. Then – BAM! – you see a bad review. It might...
By Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn, Author of Sell with Soul
(Sell with Soul)
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To conclude (?) this week's series on Drip Mail Campaigns (to drip or not to drip?) here are some thoughts on communicating with people who find you online - affectionately known as "web leads." ***I had a nice conversation the other day with a newer agent who called me looking for help managing ...
By Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn, Author of Sell with Soul
(Sell with Soul)
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A few years ago I wrote a blog called "Professionals Don't Need Scripts" where I pontificated on my strongly held opinion that someone who is an expert in their field (or even reasonably competent) should not have to (or want to) rely on scripts when interacting with clients or potential clients....
By Anna Banana Kruchten, Arizona's Top Banana of Real Estate!
(Phoenix Property Shoppe)
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5 Guiding Principles to Building a Referral Business When I first started in the real estate business (1987) I didn't really have a plan of action to 'build' a business other than take floor time, do open houses and create a farm area. And that worked pretty good for me as my office was located i...
By Beth Atalay, Cam Realty of Clermont FL
(Cam Realty and Property Management)
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How To Make Money as a Realtor®?I have been talking to some new Realtors® who received their real estate license within the past couple of months as well as reading questions/comments on various social media groups from new agents and there’s one common questions; -How do I start making money as ...
By Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn, Author of Sell with Soul
(Sell with Soul)
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Earlier this week I posted a blog asking the question "if YOU were a potential seller, would you be impressed that an agent took the ... ahem... 'time' to put you on an automated email campaign?" with the promise to return and elaborate on my statement that "Professionals Don't Need Drips."Let me...
By Hannah Williams, Expertise in NE Philadelphia & Bucks County
(Re/Max Eastern inc.)
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 Advice for New Agents Become a Neighborhood Expert When I first started I picked an area and farmed it  By farming I mean I send mailers out in a timely manner  I offered  a free market analysis . If I sold or listed a property in the area or an agent in my office did I asked permission from the...
By Grant Schneider, Your Coach Helping You Create Successful Outcomes
(Performance Development Strategies)
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What do you think is most important for a new person in Real Estate?  Is it skill or will?  You can have all the knowledge in the world.  But knowledge is not power.  The application of knowledge is power.  Don't be fooled by knowledge and experience.  I work largely with privately held and famil...
By Alan May, Evanston & Northshore of Chicago real estate
(Coldwell Banker Residential)
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I just put a property under contract.We were in multiple offers, and the seller decided to award the contract to my buyers.  It was a tight one... Sweet.Additionally, as part of the conversation, when the listing agent told me that they'd decided to accept our offer, he also mentioned that the se...
By Patricia Kennedy, For Your Home in the Capital
(Evers & Company Real Estate, Inc.)
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Tonight, it was hard to watch the late night news and all of the pictures of the flooding in South Carolina.  They interviewed a guy standing on his screened-in porch with water lapping up to the top step.  He was talking about how he was so much more fortunate than his across the street neighbor...
By Sally K. & David L. Hanson, WI Realtors - Luxury - Short Sale - CDPE, REDS
(Keller Williams 414-525-0563)
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  Sage advice,....and sounds simple enough....just "do the right thing."  Unfortunately...the "right thing" is not always the same thing....what one person views as right, another does not.       We see it in the  divorce part of our practice....He/She left and took all the....The heir that took...
By Gayle Rich-Boxman Fishhawk Lake Realtor (503)755-2905, "Your Gateway to the Lake" Birkenfeld Oregon
(Vernonia Realty)
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Focus on Your Strengths Delegate Your WeaknessesDelegate: (verb) to commit (powers, functions, etc.) to another as agent or deputy.We all have a variety of strengths and weaknesses. Accepting them about yourself is a good starting point for becoming the success that is possible. For example, if y...
By Belinda Spillman, Your Guide to Joyful Colorado Living!
(Aspen Lane Real Estate Colorful Colorado)
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 It is not uncommon to hear people say that real estate looks easy and that they intend to get their license so they can keep all the commissions.  Many of these folks sign up for real estate school with the thought that it will be a cake walk and they will be bringing in 6 figures year one.  Tho...
By Lou Ludwig, Designations Earned CRB, CRS, CIPS, GRI, SRES, TRC
(Ludwig & Associates)
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 Increase Your Business . . . .  “If you don’t wow them it’s likely that you won’t do business with them.”Lou Ludwig, Sales and Management Consultant, Success Coach, Speaker, Trainer and Author As I see it. . . . . . . . Increase your business . . . . You increase your business possibilities . . ...
By Patricia Kennedy, For Your Home in the Capital
(Evers & Company Real Estate, Inc.)
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Well, yes, I am.  Sort of.Lately, we've been getting our share of rain, and i've noticed a lot of agents planning their appointments according to the weekend weather report - a hurricane might be heading right toward us.I've stopped doing that.  No matter what The Weather Channel says might happe...
I know this may sound absurd, but it is true.Yesterday evening I had an appointment to show a home (that's not the absurd part).  From the exterior, the home did not look too shabby and happened to be located in a fairly nice area with desirable amenities around the neighbourhood.  Upon entering ...
  Property development is no doubt the most growing industries in the world. This is so because there is growing population which need a good habitation which is convenient. In these days, property development does not only entail buying a block of land and building up something, but also renovat...
By Irina Jordan
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As a real estate agent you encounter so many different people: some great and some – not so much. There are also a few clients who are downright mean. Or even toxic.Tell-tale signs of a toxic client: They take advantage of you.  They can’t make up their minds. They’re volatile They are rude to yo...
By Chris Ann Cleland, Associate Broker, Northern VA
(Long and Foster REALTORS®, Manassas, VA)
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Another Reason to Keep Your Listing Status Current When Under ContractNot too long ago I wrote a post that got a decent amount of attention and some discussion going about the need, or not, of keeping our listing signs updated when a home goes under contract.  Personally, I'm all for keeping the ...
By Mary Yonkers, Erie/PA Real Estate Instructor
(Alan Kells 1-814-881-7548)
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 'Private Beach'Hey!  Stay off my lakefront property!  Didn't you see the 'Private Beach' sign?  Lake Erie Posting 'No trespassing'  or 'Private Beach'  signage has been a controversial issue for private property owners along the Pennsylvania Lake Erie shoreline.   Presque Isle Peninsula Property...