In your "Starter Kit" you'll find everything you'll need to get started here on ActiveRain. Take your time
and read through each post in the order they are listed below, this will save you hours of frustration, anxiety, and that feeling of being overwhelmed when you first join our community.

Welcome aboard!

Before You Begin:
It's Important to understand what ActiveRain is, how it works, and what's expected.

The Terms of Service may be a little dry, but this is a "must read" for every member.

The 10 Guiding principles and philosophy of our network and community.

Now Take the Video Tour of ActiveRain.
Learn To Navigate ALL the areas available in our community.

Understanding The Point System and How to Become the Featured Member in your area.

Getting Started in 3 Easy Steps
Now you're ready to get started. Follow these next steps to get setup on ActiveRain.

Creating a personal profile is the very first step and the most important. This is where members and visitors will go to see and find out all about you. Make sure you take the time to setup your profile correctly, it's important and it's easy.

Your profile has three areas that will allow you to maximize it's potential. It's better than a website.

Now you are ready to go into your settings and customize ActiveRain how you want it.

Setting Up Your Blog
Before you create your first Post on your Blog, here's a few tips to help you do it right.

Now you're ready to write your first entry, get the most out of your first post.
(Don't be afraid and stop now, this is why you're here!)

Making your Blog personalized and unique is what differentiates you from other members.
Change background, headers, colors and more.

ActiveRain offers FREE Outside Blogs in addition to the one you've just created.

Additional Tips, Tools, and Things You Should Know
You are now ready to advance to some of the more powerful tools available here for you.

Some Advanced SEO Tools and Information
What is SEO and How to maximize it on ActiveRain

There will be more posts added here as they become available.
If you need any assistance or have any issues at all, please contact your ActiveRain support Team at or just click on this link to "Contact ActiveRain."

Good Luck and Enjoy!

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