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Picking Up Bulk Foreclosures at .25 to .30 on the dollar! That’s right 16,500 per property No this not a misprint With each property: Free and Clear Title in most cases Properties valued at (45,000) Properties that are livable Get Started Today! www.cherrypickreos.com



We frequently tell people that "now" is the time to invest in real estate. We are all aware of the current foreclosure crisis and depressed real estate market. So why is now the time to invest? In order to really understand why now is the right time, it's important to first understand why the rea...
When investing in real estate there are many different avenues to choose from. When deciding which avenue is best for you, it's important to consider the difference between passive-income generating avenues and earned or working-income generating avenues. In fact, in my opinion, understanding the...
We've all heard it..."no other industry has created more millionaires than real estate." It's what got me excited about investing in real estate and probably you too. There's also probably no other industry that claims you can do it over night as much as the real estate industry. Although it's te...
For those clients that choose to utilize the company for management assistance, the company then begins the process of marketing, and occupying of the properties. Below is an overview of the management services offered by the company: There are 3 levels of support offered: Basic, Standard, and Pr...
Presented By www.cherrypickreos.com   PURPOSE: The purpose of this proposal is to outline the benefits and items to be aware of when investing in bulk foreclosed property. It will detail the company www.cherrypickreos.com and its investment opportunities available with real estate, as well as the...


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Banks Are Throwing Properties Out Like Trash…For Pennies