reo: Infomercial Reality Check Investing In Bulk Foreclosures - 10/15/09 07:50 AM
During the interest only boom, banks stupidly gave out money like cotton candy at the fair. Caught up in this give away were tens of thousands of unfortunate souls who otherwise would have never seen the inside of a home in a regular market, who's properties are now owned by banks who are desperate to get rid of them any way they can.
There are a few big investors making amazing cash flow numbers from these properties, but by and large there are only a few small investors who have the know how to get it done. This is a shame … (0 comments)

reo: Learn How to Turn your Bank cds, 401k, Savings into a Cashflow Money Machine! - 10/10/09 06:39 AM
"Private Lending" refers to the process of borrowing real estate investment funds from private individuals at rates higher than these lenders can normally achieve in the marketplace. The attraction of private lending is the speed and ease of funding a deal.
Here's how it works...first you find or do marketing to find individuals interested in earning 10-12% interest (or whatever you deem affordable for you and attractive to others) on investments secured with real estate. You'll find these prospects everywhere. They belong to your local investors association, your church, your civic club, they're your friends and family, your neighbor next door. … (0 comments)

reo: Back to the Basics is Key to Riches with Bulk Foreclosure Properties - 03/26/09 06:55 AM
We've all heard it..."no other industry has created more millionaires than real estate." It's what got me excited about investing in real estate and probably you too. There's also probably no other industry that claims you can do it over night as much as the real estate industry. Although it's tempting to chase the "get-rich-quick" idea, if you really think about it, how many people do you really know that got rich quick? (I'm not talking about someone you read in the paper either.)
How often in the media do we hear about the 50 year old guy (or gal) who … (0 comments)

reo: Investment Proposal For Bulk Foreclosure Properties - 03/09/09 03:33 AM
Presented By
PURPOSE: The purpose of this proposal is to outline the benefits and items to be aware of when investing in bulk foreclosed property. It will detail the company and its investment opportunities available with real estate, as well as the services provided to assist investors to cash flow their properties.
COMPANY INFORMATION: was a site created by Reverend Dominick Corey in 2007 to assist investors by offering bulk foreclosed properties for individual or bulk purchase. It also offers a suite of services to assist with the cash flow aspect of these properties. Reverend Dominick Corey has extensive area of sales … (1 comments)

reo: Trying to Get Into the Bulk Foreclosure Market? - 12/22/08 06:46 AM
Have you purchased property in the past without the success you expected?
At Bulk Foreclosure Deals our business is your success. That is why we offer a full suite of services to help you with your REO needs. Some investors are at ground zero, needing to buy property, and then get them occupied, with no experience with any of those areas.
We let you pick your properties, and then are able to offer several options to help you get your properties marketed and occupied. Here are a few examples of what our current customers have seen:
Property 1:
Location: Burkardt Ave, … (0 comments)


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