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 Higher-risk mortgages have become a big bone of contention in Europe, although more for the perversion of the Basel Committee’s standards than because there is a big immediate capital effect. Smaller mortgage lenders in the U.K. and Europe, don’t use internal models to assess risks, they are all...
Last week, the U. S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs v. The Inclusive Communities Project, Inc. This case is expected to conclusively decide whether “disparate impact” claims can be brought under the Fair Housing Act. Under the disparate imp...
First-Time Buyers Are Getting More Help Paying For Homes January 28, 2015 Prospective homebuyers having trouble securing mortgage credit through traditional channels might find it comforting to know they're not alone - and that they have other options. Government-program loans, such as those off...
Younger Buyers, Renters Express Growing Optimism About Housing Market's Future January 28, 2015 If the housing market's long-term recovery is dependent on the interest of younger buyers, the latest Housing Confidence Index released by Zillow should offer some promise. The most recent quarterly m...
What is the funniest response you have gotten from a technically challenged client? I needed a client's mother to send a document. She said she could not scan it and send as a pdf. I told her she could fax it and it would show up on my computer not on a fax machine. She replied "OK, but can you f...
The FHA has announced that borrowers who prepay their FHA- insured mortgages will not have to make interest payments beyond the date their mortgage is paid in full. For loans closed on or after January 21, 2015, FHA prohibits lenders from charging borrowers post settlement interest. This new ruli...
Happy Friday everyone!  The Payroll Report was released today with December adding 252k jobs versus 240k estimated.  November was revised to 353k from the previously reported 321k and the employment rate has now dropped to 5.6% versus 5.8% last month.  Also of note is that the underemployment rat...
Home-buyers Are Getting Better At Preparing For The Ownership Investment January 06, 2015   A recent survey of prospective home-buyers noted many people - including younger adults - are taking the financial commitment quite seriously, and preparing accordingly. Wells Fargo's "How America Views H...
In an effort to expand homeownership among lower-income buyers, President OBama plans to cut mortgage-insurance premiums charged by a government agency. The annual fees the FHA charges to guarantee mortgages will be cut by 0.5 percentage point, to 0.85 percent of the loan balance, Julian Castro, ...
Before anyone else mentions it, I recognize the irony that I am making predictions within a blog that acknowledges I was wrong about rates in 2014. Below is my humble explanation of why I still have an opinion.  I have included quotes from several “experts” to justify my current and previous opin...

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