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One of the main reasons I chose to work for Skyline Home Loans is because they make closing loans quickly such a priority. We have an incredibly hard-working and dedicated family here. In fact, Mortgage Executive Magazine just ranked us number 35 of the Top 100 Mortgage Companies in America for 2...
I was not sure whether the title should end with a question mark or exclamation point. It is imperative that buyers know what they can afford. Some of my clients come to me and say I want a monthly payment of X and no more. But if they find the perfect home they never thought they could live in, ...
Have you been searching for a miracle cure for the perfect lawn?Scotts Miracle-Gro may just be on to it for you.The lawn and garden company recently announced its plans to launch a “Connected Yard” digital platform to get you invested in your yard and use smart data to do the thinking for you.Acc...
There’s no place like “home sweet home”. But have you ever wondered where that phrase came from or how it impacted our history? The phrase “home sweet home,” which implies that your home is where you’d prefer to be over all other places, dates back to a song written in 1823 for a play.Adapted fro...
I am proud to announce that Skyline Home Loans was ranked #35 of the Top 100 Mortgage Companies in America in 2015!Thank you to our clients and our colleagues who have placed their trust and confidence in Skyline to help us hit this impressive milestone.Since our founding in 1985, Skyline has bee...
A great home that is a great deal, check out the website and view this lot! I have worked with Bob Carlseen for nearly 6 years and he is trully one of the good guys in our business. He works  so hard for his clients and...

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