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In a recent unanimous vote in the House of Representatives, a bill aimed at encouraging more private companies to offer flood insurance passed and is now on its way to the Senate.The idea behind The Flood Insurance Market Parity and Modernization Act is to give homebuyers more choices in flood in...
    With fewer homes on the market to purchase, low interest rates keeping buyers intrigued, and home prices continuing to rise, experts say it is a seller’s market right now.In its recent analysis, real estate marketplace finds homes are selling 7% faster than last year while home pr...
  If a new home security system is on your list of to dos, you may find the idea of selecting the right one overwhelming. With so many options in brands, features and types, you may need some help making the beneficial choice for your new home.Consumer Affairs offers an extensive list of brands w...
    Sometimes when I offer a mortgage that comes with adjustable rates, I can see my clients shaking their heads and wondering why. Why wouldn't I suggest the straightforward, steady payment option that comes with the likes of a fixed-rate mortgage rather than a loan that is subject to market flu...
                                                    The thought of buying a fixer-upper in San Diego and turning it into the home of your dreams can sound perfect to some buyers - every inch of the house will be to your specifications! However, often times buyers discover this concept can be more...
May is National Military Appreciation Month so I want to take this special opportunity to thank all of you who are serving now or who have served our Nation in the past! It is hard to find a way to truly show my appreciation for your selfless service. That’s why today I’m posting this blog about ...
Tax deductions are a hot topic these days. It seems we’re all looking for ways to owe Uncle Sam less and keep more in our pockets. Did you know that mortgage points can be deductible in many situations?This topic can get a little confusingso let’s start with the basics.                           ...
As happens every 2 years it is that time again to choose from the new technology available to help us do our jobs more efficiently.With so much moving towards video and social media, it is time to upgrade my phone. Most of my social media experts recommend the i Phone, but almost every industry p...

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