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Brexit may be bigger than we anticipated!Great Britain surprised the world by voting to leave the European Union, but the effects of the decision can be felt around the world and in all sorts of different industries.For home buyers or refinancers in the United States, the Brexit is actually good ...
  Well it is not what I was hoping for, but the British people decide to exit the EU.    What does that mean for the US? Well from the lending side it means rates are low and likely to stay that way. Even if Brexit is not the best for the global economy it does present a great opportunity to buy ...
This is a must read! So well written and on point, everyone can take something from it. Lessons Learned Over the Last 36 Years The past few decades I have spent in the real estate business. When I got my license I admit I wasn't committed to it being a career. It seemed like the thing to do for a...
Home Purchase Mortgage ProcessThe mortgage process has evolved immensely since the mortgage crisis in 2008. Many layers of fact checking have been added to ensure that indeed each borrower is prepared to make the life changing decision of purchasing a home.To make sure you're ready for what the p...
If you’ve been wondering when a good time to refinance your home is, I’m here to tell you that the time is now!Refinancing can be a great way to save money every month and reduce your monthly payment.Lucky for you, rates are at historic lows, and they’re lower than they’ve been for three years. S...
I have broken myself of a bad habit. I have been using Bluetooth headpieces to have phone conversations for many years. At the end of conversations I often say goodbye, push the button to disconnect and in the background hear a voice saying oh and one more thing. I now wait until I am certain the...
Home prices and sales are rising across the country. That’s good news for sellers. If you’re thinking about listing your home in San Diego soon but want to make some improvements first, consider these fixer-upper projects that historically provide the best return for the investment:Up the First I...

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