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There are only three meetings left this year for the Federal Open Market Committee, and the likelihood they’ll raise interest rates in one of them looks slim. Judging by the latest meeting minutes, the Fed isn’t making any sudden changes, per usual.Read the source article at U.S. Housing Finance ...
 The building industry is so important to the health of our economy and our communities. Everyone in the Real Estate business should find out how they can help support the industry that is building what we need to sell. Are you thinking of joining the BIA of San Diego? Now is a great time for you...
I was discussing locking a loan with a client on a Jumbo loan here in San Diego. They were buying a million dollar home and needed an $800,000 loan. I asked him his exit strategy to determine how long he thought he would be in the home. I asked because I thought I could get him a 10 year ARM at 3...
You’ve probably heard the words “lowest rates” often in the last few years, but as of yesterday, interest rates fell to the lowest they’ve ever been!Since the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU, interest rates in the U.S. have been dropping, and as of August 1st, they’ve fallen lower than ever ...

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