investing: Miracle-Gro Your Note & Real Estate Business - 05/12/17 06:37 PM

Add Some Miracle-Gro To Your Note Business
After our two week break, Note Night In America returns this Monday night at 7 pm by bringing some Miracle-Gro to your note business!
We'll be sharing with you some ways to help align your passions, dreams and why's with your note business to help bring your life (and note business) into balance!
We'll also focus on helping you take your dreams to a whole different level!
This call is reserved for the first 500 who RSVP!
No, it's not another class or workshop that you have to sign up for!
This is one coaching call … (1 comments)

investing: Stripped Down Marketing For Your Real Estate - 03/27/17 12:28 PM

Every investor that I speak with is always excited about closing note deals. Note investing is definitely the "sexy side" of real estate, but most investors don't know how to market their deals to attract the right type of investors. So on this episode, Scott will "strip" down and "undress" what he and other note investors are doing to attract all the private funding that they need to close deals.
This episode will be fully interactive and those that participate will receive a special VIP prize for taking part! You don't want to miss out on the … (1 comments)

investing: Content Marketing For Your Real Estate Business - 03/23/17 08:15 PM

Hey, good morning everybody! I hope everybody's doing well this Thursday morning. It is episode 76 of the Note Closers Show, and I thought today I would talk about something we haven't talked about in a while. I know we talk about marketing on a regular basis, but what I thought I would do is literally run a case study here for you over the next 7 days. Alright? Between what we do with this video and how we attract marketing, how we attract content, how we attract people to what we do. Now yes, I know We Close Notes has … (4 comments)

investing: Merry Christmas! - 12/23/16 11:51 AM


investing: Ten Greener Pastures For Note Investors - 07/09/16 09:00 AM

Many real estate investors are looking to expand into new markets as backyard deals become scarcer and thinner based on demand for product, reduced HUD foreclosures and property values recovering from the mortgage meltdown.  Many are struggling to find deals markets while seasoned and savvy investors are moving into new states to help quench their thirst for higher returns by leveraging their investment dollar.
Those investors exploring new markets are also looking to get out of “brick and mortar” and into the paper game.  Finding deals six to twelve months ahead of REO investors (depending on the foreclosure time frames of states) … (7 comments)

investing: Build Your "Forrest" One Seed At A Time - 05/11/16 09:59 AM
So last night I'm at the gym and I'm listening to Gary V's rant about how sick and tired he is of entrepreneurs looking for the "layups" in business and how people today want to have the champagne lifestyle on a beer work ethic. Basically people want all the success without putting in the time, effort and work.
Today I see a National Geographic post about a man in India who has planted and created his own forest (bigger then Central Park) by planting trees since 1979. Now he has a place where tigers and elephants and all sorts of wildlife live. … (0 comments)

investing: What I Invest in Austin With. - 10/14/08 04:44 PM
What to Invest In?
I often get asked by other investors (often very new or green investors) what do I invest in or buy in the Awesome real estate market that is available in Austin, Texas. Well, that is not an easy or one sentence answer especially in this market. With the Austin real estate market avoiding the dramatic hits that have hit the East and West Coasts with property values decreasing, we've been lucky enough to still see a steady appreciation of values ranging from 5-10% in areas. While we haven't been immune from the rash of foreclosures like a … (0 comments)

investing: Helping a Father/Son Investment Team Get Rockin! - 10/14/08 04:42 PM
My Investment Week In Houston
I work with a lot of investors across the country to help them either get their real estate investment business off the ground or help them take it to the next level. My schedule is usually packed one to two months out. I sometimes feel like the post office in that I am working with clients whether it is sunny, rainy, sleet, or snow! So this was the case that I found myself with having a week planned in Houston AFTER Hurricane Ike ran through the town like a paper shreader. I wouldn't be able to … (1 comments)

investing: Enjoying the Dream and Secret of Life - 10/14/08 04:40 PM
When Life Just Goes Right
Life has a habit of throwing us for a loop from time to time. Along with these loops, there often comes an amount of bewilderness as to why these "loops" happen to good people. Sometimes the "loops" just line up in all entirely positive way that makes one truly believe or rebuild one's faith in the power of positive thinking. I've been fortunate enough to experience this more than once,but this experience was one that I had to share with others.
My day started off at 5 am as I woke up 5 minutes before my … (1 comments)

investing: Systemizing My Business - 10/09/08 08:58 AM
I often find myself reflecting on how I am able to accomplish so much while I travel. Here I am sitting in Panera after spending the morning with one investor, lunch and the afternoon with another, while I have successfully leased one of my houses for 12 months, raised another $500K in private money for my own investments, and found another property in Austin to purchase below 70% of current market value. I'm sitting here in Panera Bakery (yes, its Panera again. Is anyone really surprised by this?) reviewing my Big Rocks List and I realize that I've somehow figured out … (0 comments)

investing: HELPING 100 INVESTORS SUCCEED! - 07/16/07 05:27 PM
Are you a new real estate investor who is struggling to put together what you have learned?  Are you drowning in tapes, cd's, and manuals that are starting to collect dust on your busy bookshelf!  Do you want to just throw your hands up in the air and say "HELP ME!"  I am here to help! 
I am a real estate investor who works in the mortgage and note industry with investors only!  I have had the pleasure to learn from some of the industries greatest minds like Ron Legrand, Bob Leonetti, John Mac Neil, Lee Arnold, and others.  I have … (2 comments)

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