real estate investing: Stripped Down Marketing For Your Real Estate - 03/27/17 12:28 PM

Every investor that I speak with is always excited about closing note deals. Note investing is definitely the "sexy side" of real estate, but most investors don't know how to market their deals to attract the right type of investors. So on this episode, Scott will "strip" down and "undress" what he and other note investors are doing to attract all the private funding that they need to close deals.
This episode will be fully interactive and those that participate will receive a special VIP prize for taking part! You don't want to miss out on the … (1 comments)

real estate investing: 13 Things That You Need To Give Up To Be Successful - 02/26/17 03:25 PM

If you aren't achieving the type of success that you are searching for, I'm willing to bet that several of these 13 items are holding you back from the type of success that you are looking for.
Join us on Monday night at 7pm CST where Scott will share with you the 13 items that you need to give up to be successful.
Please register for The Monday Note - 13 Things You Need To Give Up To Be Successful on Feb 27, 2017 7:00 PM CST at:

real estate investing: Trump Signs Executive Order On Notes - 02/01/17 01:11 PM
Making America Great Again...One Mortgage At A Time!
So no, maybe President Trump didn't sign an executive order to take our Virtual Note Buying For Dummies workshop and get it at half off.
But it would sure be cool if he did!
So in the spirit of fun and games (and an ability to laugh at all the political nonsense that the news media and political parties are putting out there) I thought I would run a quick "Executive Order" special for anyone interested in learning how to really make America Great Again One Mortgage At A Time. How do you do this? By … (0 comments)

real estate investing: MLK Day of Service - How Can We Serve You? - 01/13/17 04:05 PM
In honor of Dr. King and MLK Day, we'll be taking a little different spin on this episode of the Monday Note.  How can we best serve you? 
We'll be taking LIVE phone calls Monday night and working through the issues that you might be having in your note business or deals. It's your opportunity to pick my brain and or ask anything LIVE Monday night!   So join us Monday night at 7pm CST and let's see how we can best serve you!     … (1 comments)

real estate investing: HIRE YOURSELF THIS YEAR - 01/01/17 04:55 PM

So many wanna be investors talk about wanting to achieve financial freedom and leave their day jobs. For many, its one of their New Year resolutions to become a full time investor. But without truly having a plan of action, many fail to tell their boss to "take this job and shove it!" What most people fail to realize is that everyone is different and your plan to "freedom" is different from everyone else around you!On this episode of the Monday Note, Scott will help give you a step-by-step game plan to help you identify when you are ready to take … (4 comments)

real estate investing: The Virtual Note Buying For Dummies Workshop - 08/24/16 08:56 AM

If you've ever wanted to tap into the powerful world of becoming a note investor, then you might want to join us on the Virtual Note Buying For Dummies Workshop this weekend (August 26-28) or November 4-6th.
The class is delivered LIVE and online!  You get to interact with hundreds of other note "dummies" learning the ropes and asking questions before, during and after the workshop via our Basecamp portal!
We focus on the 3 F's of Note Buying...Find, Fund and Flip NPN's.  We'll show you how to "rehab the borrower and not the property" using one of a dozen exit strategies.  All … (0 comments)

real estate investing: COMPED SEATS FOR MILITARY AND FIRST RESPONDERS - 08/16/16 10:41 AM
We are always proud to salute our past and present military along with the jobs that our first responders perform on a daily basis to make our country the greatest!
I don't care what your political view, religion, color, or sexuality is, without our domestic and foreign heros, we wouldn't be able to enjoy our freedoms and live the way that we do!
We want to those hero's on their transition to a new career or help expedite their journey to financial freedom by always offering a seat to one of our three day, Note Buying For Dummies Workshop. Its the least that … (1 comments)

real estate investing: Think Realty Expo - San Francisco - August 13th - 07/24/16 02:08 PM

If you are in the Bay Area, come on out to the Think Realty Expo - San Francisco on August 13th! Use special code: WECLOSENOTES to get your discounted tickets! Come network and hear me speak on Note Buying For Dummies! We'll see you there!

real estate investing: Ten Greener Pastures For Note Investors - 07/09/16 09:00 AM

Many real estate investors are looking to expand into new markets as backyard deals become scarcer and thinner based on demand for product, reduced HUD foreclosures and property values recovering from the mortgage meltdown.  Many are struggling to find deals markets while seasoned and savvy investors are moving into new states to help quench their thirst for higher returns by leveraging their investment dollar.
Those investors exploring new markets are also looking to get out of “brick and mortar” and into the paper game.  Finding deals six to twelve months ahead of REO investors (depending on the foreclosure time frames of states) … (7 comments)

real estate investing: Sometimes Your Dreams Hit Back - 05/12/16 11:28 AM
I love being a real estate investor.  I look back at the last 15 years of investing and I can't believe the type of success and accolades that I've achieved.  But being a successful real estate investor wasn't always my dream.
When I was younger, my first dream of dreams was to play college football at a Division I college like the University of Texas.  I was a pretty good high school player as a tight end/linebacker and was honored to be a two time captain of my high school team, along with a host of other awards and honors.  I was … (2 comments)

real estate investing: 15 WAYS TO JUMPSTART YOUR REAL ESTATE BUSINESS - 04/20/09 02:49 PM
I am a firm believer that with this yeat comes with it a promise to change who we are as investors and the opportunity to change how successful you and your investment business can grow or become.  So many people use excuses to delay their success along with hiding behind their fears and insecuredness as human beings to become successful. That's why I've come up with 15 ways for you to jumpstart your real estate business.
 I've had the good fortune to have been trained and study some of the best educators and guru's out there who have helped me over come … (0 comments)

real estate investing: The Top 10 Mistakes That New Investors Make When They Buy Rental Properties - 04/17/09 04:55 PM
What and Where Not To Buy
Do you know the TOP 10 MISTAKES that new investors make when buying investment (rental) properties across the country? There is so much more to consider beyond just cash flow and appreciation. Here they are:
Here they are: 1. Buy new homes - New homes can be fun to live in, but they are rarely the best value as investments. Spec homes generally cost more per foot than neighboring houses (but don't resell for much more), and tract homes are generally found in areas that are the worst areas for appreciation (see #2)...Unless you are … (0 comments)

real estate investing: If There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch, What About If You Use Someone Else's Money? - 04/17/09 04:53 PM
I spend a lot of time traveling across the country working with new and experience investors.  It's a joy and passion of my life to help them succeed.  What I run into a lot is helping educate their team members (Realtors and Mortgage Brokers) about the true way to finance their investor's deals.  With the financial markets recovering from a severe tailspin, they often find it hard to believe the we as investors can find properties at wholesale prices (70% of Fair Market Value or Less) along with being able to use other people's money to finance the purchase and not … (0 comments)

real estate investing: A Great Place to Peak - 04/17/09 04:51 PM
            Would you want to invest in an area that had beautiful views, home to several large universities, moderate home prices, and is home to one of the largest defense industry areas outside of the east coast?  Oh yeah, this place was voted as the #1 place to live by CNN Money in 2006.  I would be talking about Colorado Springs, Colorado. 
            I was fortunate enough to spend a week in Colorado Springs with father and son investors, Tom and Kory Kempton.  Tom has spent close to 40 years in building construction and his son, Kory, had spent the last … (0 comments)

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