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Landlords are raising their rents to the tune of 15.9% year-over-year in Silicon Valley cities like Palo Alto knowing there will still be healthy demand for their homes.  The San Jose Business Journal publishes data from RealFacts Inc. which shows dramatic increases in rent.  The article covers S...
Let's forget for the moment about the fact that California has a reputation for green tech.  (If you've been to Yosemite, the Avenue of the Giants, Muir Woods, or other natural wonders in Northern California, you'd understand.)  Or the fact that the spiraled compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs)...
Billionaires and their airplanes have been a contentious issue in Silicon Valley for years, and, recently, it was disclosed that Google billionaires Sergiy Brin and Larry Page struck a two-year, $2.6 million deal to use Moffett Field for flying and landing their 767 jet.  Residents on this flight...
The folks at the Wall Street Journal (subscription may be required) are talking about the trend towards downsizing.  Homebuilders like KB and Toll Brothers have nationwide portfolios and have obviously been dramatically affected by regional drops in home sales across many parts of the country.Dur...
The Palo Alto Daily News reports about a proposal, with its accompanying environmental impact report, which talks about extending Mary Ave. over 237 and 101 with a four-lane bridge.  The intention of the new connection is to support the upcoming Moffett Towers, seven 8-story towers sporting 1.8 m...
The website for the City of San Jose says that the San Jose rental market had a 2.7% vacancy rate in Q2 2007.  The Silicon Valley Business Journal says this is the lowest vacancy rate since 2001.It's gotten to the point where San Jose is requiring 120-day notice to be given to tenants in rent-con...
The new voyeurism.  I once lamented that complete transparency is the new privacy.  And in the age of the internet, public records aren't needles in haystacks waiting to be discovered anymore.  Here's an example: a quick and easy way to get the political affiliations of your neighbors, where they...
Last month, homes (including condos, townhomes, and single-family homes) ranged from $317,000 to $1.85 million.  In my Mountain View Housing Market Update - August 2007, I go over how much home that money will get you and how much higher the median home prices have climbed year-over-year.   Last ...
There aren't rough waters around the Expressions of Sunnyvale and its roads Asilomar Terrace and Alpine Terrace.  ("Asilomar" means refuge from the sea.)  But there are train tracks close to Asilomar.  This might be a dealbreaker for some.  Others who are looking at the complex's low per-square-...
As part of a continuing series for my clients, I've published my personal notes on the Montebello condominiums in Cupertino.  Obviously schools (it is Cupertino, after all) were a key strength, but voters also had a lot to do with why folks might consider this complex.  [ Strengths | Weaknesses ...

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