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The California Department of Education (CDE) has released the updated 2006 Academic Performance Index (API) scores for California schools, including data for San Mateo County and Santa Clara County.  The API is a statewide benchmark based on standardized achievement tests which is primarily used ...
There was nothing I could do at that point.  The rain was coming in over the horizon and the only choice I had left was to be hypnotized by the sight.  And as the impending sheet of water draped itself over the sky, the reflection from the setting sun faded through the last details of the ocean b...
The personalities of the two properties here were completely different.  This property was bright and sunny with the daylight shining through the enclosed patio of the condominium and reflecting off the entryway mirror: the polar opposite of the one we had just visited.It wasn't a long drive and,...
The festivities --- nay, the grand spectacle --- of the last two Carnivals of Consumer-Oriented Real Estate were hosted at Larry Cragun's Olympic medal ceremony on MortgagesUndressed and Jonathan Greene's ever-opinionated RealOpinionated.  Okay, most folks don't come here for hype so here's the s...
I sat in the office of another client, across from him and his dustless mahogany desk.  I briefly peered out towards the Silicon Valley hills through the shades of the window behind him before he lifted his brow from thought.  He muttered cautiously, "That's a good question…" and placed his chin ...
I'd completely forgotten and now I was regretting it.  I pulled in past the gate to Shoreline Park, which hasn't been manned in years --- or at least I hadn't seen anyone there --- and into the parking lot where they fly all those beautiful kites on Saturday afternoons.  You can see the giggling...
There are three key facts to note about current interest rates.  These facts are based on the data the Federal Reserve has published on the internet for the period from April 1971 to February 2007.  The statistics are for 30-year fixed mortgages. 1/  The average interest rate over that period was...
Centrally located in Cupertino on Civic Park Lane, the Silverstone Communities Villagio is less than one mile from Symantec world headquarters and less than two miles from Apple's world headquarters and Hewlett-Packard's massive Cupertino complex. The eight-building complex targets high-tech work...
Who says startup companies are the only reason Silicon Valley is glamorous?  Who says you need to head up to San Francisco for the urban scene?Santana Row is a uniquely Northern Californian fusion of design, culture and accessibility, recreating the atmosphere of Paris' Champs Elysees using a dis...
One great way to spend weekend mornings is to check out the freshest produce, delivered right into your town by the local Northern California farmers.  Not only do you get to pick from the best fruits and vegetables the area has to offer, but you also help your dollars go back into the local comm...

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