market: How Should the Utah Buyer Approach a Short Sale? (Part 1 of 2) - 04/14/08 03:45 AM
A Few Tips For the Utah buyer:
Keep in mind that short sales do not only occur because of an anticipated foreclosure.  Sometimes a lender will accept a short sale if the value of the property has fallen and/or if the seller owes more than the property is worth in the current Utah real estate market.  So the sellers may not have defaulted on their mortgage. The lender is generally only willing to accept a short sale for a property to bring the price in line with other comparable homes on the market.  Not below them.  So I wouldn’t spend … (0 comments)

market: First Quarter Real Estate Update - Utah - 04/11/08 01:08 AM
If you are anything like me, you are probably reading over your emails this snowy morning and wondering when the “real” spring is going to visit us here in Utah.   I say “real” because Spring has obviously come as far as the calendar is concerned, but when stepping outside, we can all clearly all see that winter is hanging around for at least a little bit longer. 
As promised last week, please find the first quarter 2008 real estate update for our area counties below.   I always find it interesting to see the differences from one county to the next.   … (0 comments)

market: Foreclosure in the Utah Real Estate Market - 04/11/08 01:04 AM
Over the past few years national foreclosure statistics have been on the rise. 
Whether reading the newspaper, watching the news, or surfing the internet, the number of foreclosures and short sales made headlines.  Due to our strong economy and desirable real estate locations, foreclosure trends in the Utah real estate market were at a slower pace when compared to the national average.   In 2008 it’s evident that’s no longer the case, as foreclosures are beginning to have a greater impact on our Utah real estate market. is reporting that one in every 678 Utah households has foreclosure filings, which … (0 comments)