home buyers: Homeless again! Can anyone help me out? - 06/14/11 09:17 AM
I just don't get it!
You see, I keep getting kicked out of my house! 
What's the deal?
Just as I am settling in "BAM!"
I'm moving out and on to look for another house to live in.
Oh, don't be sad for me. 
It's all good!
You see, I am your Home Staging............. Gigolo!<----dare ya!
Yup, that's right! Don't be afraid.....
I move quickly and help you get the job done! 
I help you market  that vacant house so you can attract Buyer's and SELL your property fast!
Here's my MO....
I check you out.......
I move … (31 comments)

home buyers: Your place or mine?? ;) - 03/28/11 09:38 AM
I don't know about you.....
But, when I am looking at homes for sale online, I tend to click on by vacant homes that keep me guessing at what I am viewing in each room!
Hello? Boring, awkward and downright confusing! Trust me....I could go on and on and on and on :)
You get the PICTURE!
Oh wait, NO, You don't get the picture! That's the problem!!
Really, if you had a choice....and you really do.....which would you choose?
                                      Your Place  :(                or                    Mine?  ;)
I sure hope you picked my … (21 comments)

home buyers: Beige-ALL-holic. Yup, that's me! - 11/04/10 10:17 AM
Hello my name is Janice S. and I am a Beige-ALL-holic. :(
There I said it!
Yup, call me BORING if you want to......but I am here to say when it comes to Home Staging 
"Beige is the way to go!"
Yeah, I know BEIGE is not EXCITING...kind of BLAH BLAH BLAH.....
However, when it comes to SELLING what is probably your BIGGEST INVESTMENT you need your property to appeal to the majority!
Home Buyer's LOVE viewing a MOVE IN READY properties!  Who wouldn't? :D
Last thing a Home Buyer's wants to do is PAINT before moving in to … (30 comments)

home buyers: So you think you can Stage? Oh boy! - 09/22/10 07:59 AM
I know, you have great taste & a great eye!  That is great! I love working with clients that understand the importance of preparing a property for the market.  It is a match made in heaven! 
What can make it HELL  (OK maybe HELL is a little to strong) is when a client thinks all they need to do is add some accessories to help sell the property.
Right? Wrong!
Lots of people believe ANYONE can be a Professional Home Stager.  ANYONE can add chatkis and towels.  ANYONE can add furniture and pictures.
Sigh.....Do you want ANYONE to SELL your … (33 comments)

home buyers: BUY BUY BUY or BYE BYE BYE!!! You decide! - 09/13/10 11:13 AM
They are called Home BUY-er's!! So, show them what they are BUY-ing! :)
After over 4 years in the Home Staging Industry I thought I had seen my fair share of crazy properties, both Occupied and Vacant! 
Let's face it,  every home has a story and our job as Professional Home Stager is to help share the home's story.
In this case, I had a new Real Estate Agent that asked me to look at one of his Murrieta listings that wasn't getting an offers and had been on the market for over 1 month. 
When I viewed the property … (41 comments)

home buyers: Awwww How Cute....... - 03/07/08 05:22 AM
But not when you're selling your property!
Homeseller's need to de-personalize and declutter their properties to allow potential home buyer's the opportunity to imagine themselves living in the home.  Period. 
Unfortunately many homeseller's don't understand why buyer's can't look past the "cute" little added touches. 
I reminded this homeowner that he needed to paint over his children's growth chart, handprints and footprints in the laundry room.  I understand these are precious memories but he needed to make his property as neutral as possible to appeal to the majority of home buyers.  To make it a little easier on him, I advised him to take pictures of these memories before repainting the space.  :)
Well, … (20 comments)

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