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In deciding what loan is best for your situation, it is always wise to anticipate how long you may need to mortage. Do you get job transfers periodically? Are you planning on relocating for retirement? Do you want to downsize when the children are out on their own? Do you plan on buying a larger ...
I read recently that the number of homes which sold utilizing the $8000 First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit was about 314,000. There was no detail as to how this number was determined. One would assume that the only proof that the credit was applied for is if the IRS received the request form for a c...
The Obama administration brought out it's Home Affordable Refinance Plan which allows homeowners to refinance their Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loans even if their home has lost value. Initially, the maximum Loan To Value (LTV) was 95% of the appraisal. It then moved up to 105% and the latest incre...
A number of Fairfield County Towns had their peak for Average Single Family Home Selling Price in 2005 or 2006. Did you know that 1 town actually didn't peak until 2008? Westport is that town with an average home selling price for 2008 of $1,708,804. The average selling price for the first half o...
CT Homeowners. Are you behind or about to get behind in your mortgage payments?  Do you possibly owe more than the house is worth? Have you thought about listing the house or already have listed the house, but, you can't see it selling for more than you owe? Are you thinking about just letting th...
Buyers Market In Connecticut The overwhelming sentiment in the current Real Estate market is that prices are dropping with no end in sight. One of the largest contributing factors is the substantial number of properties in distress which have been listed. These include; bank owned properties, pro...
Buyers MarketSellers MarketOverheated MarketBubble MarketIn every market including all of the above there are always sales, therefore, there are always buyers and sellers.Lately in Connecticut the bias has been toward a buyers market. Prices have held up well even though units sold have fallen. S...

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