Sometimes when we work with a product on a daily basis we forget that new customers are hearing about the product for the first time while others are adding to their knowledge of the product as they try to define the products benefits. Today I thought I would keep it simple and remind everyone of...
My experience tells me that a minimum of 60 days from contract acceptance to closing/possession is a good standard. In today's housing market we are seeing a lot of home buyers applying for 203k loans with a sales contract for a foreclosed property. Most foreclosed property owners (Fannie Mae, Fr...
This week I worked a couple of loans for which an FHA Consultant's Feasibility Study was appropriate. I found myself wondering why I wasn't promoting the use of an FHA Feasibility Study more often.  We normally think of an FHA Consultant handling a full work write-up only when a home is under con...
Of course you can.  I picked up a couple of loans this week from south Florida. Both are educated repeat borrowers and were knowledgeable concerning their renovation needs for their proposed purchases. Each had numerous conversations with local lenders who told them that $35,000 was the most that...

Dustan Shepherd

Vice President of Renovation Lending
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