Earlier today I was reading through a couple of Active Rain blogs and ran across the question about owning more than one FHA insured loan at a time. I picked up the phone to visit with a customer, clicked off the blog, never to return, so I thought I would answer it here. With so many foreclosed ...
As part of my education and marketing campaigns I tell borrowers all the items that they can include in a FHA 203(k) loan. Today, I thought I would take a minute to look back at this year and list the mandatory items that I have seen most often.  1.  HVAC systems - some units were outdated but ma...
I am a financier by trade and a housing advocate at heart. Over the years I have worked with nonprofit housing providers in urban, rural and on Indian Reservation across the country.  I know many of you sit on housing nonprofit boards that develop new housing or acquire existing units for renovat...
The following article was published this afternoon in the Mortgage News Daily after the 2:15 pm eastern FOMC announcement. I have always tried to keep my customers educated on interest rate trends and rate lock timing as part of the loan process. Over the years I have followed many, many financia...

Dustan Shepherd

Vice President of Renovation Lending
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