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Welcome to Wisonsin's Northwoods! We offer the classic Northwoods' experieince with our lakes and forests. Come up to fish or enjoy our lakes. In the winter, we offer the finest snowmobile trails anywhere. All of this is enhanced by our small town hospitatilty that defines Wisconsin's Northwoods.
   This chart shows the unit sales (homes) for Vilas and Oneida Counties for 2004-2009.  The red line shows the number of homes sold and the blue line represents the number of homes listed.  As displayed, December proved to not be significantly different from previous months in 2009.  October was...
  The above chart shows year end home averages for Vilas and Oneida Counties for the years 2003 and 2009.  It does not show volume however.  I will show volume in the next newsletter.  Volume has definitely increased in the last quarter of 2009.  There is some bad news along with the good news of...
    Some good news for a change!  We reached over 100 units sold for the first time in 2009 and the most units since last October.  109 units sold in October vs. 122 last October.  It's a start!   The above are home unit sales by month for the past 24 months.  Some bad news is that 2009 unit sale...
      Some good news for a change.  The average sales price rose $10K since our last look at the average sales price in mid-September.  While home prices most likely did not rise by this value, the mix of home values did rise.  What the market has lacked all of 2009 are some medium priced homes. ...
      At least it is not going down!   The blue line is new listings while the red line represents sold units.   A definitive trend has evolved this summer and to REALTORS and sellers this will come as no surprise.  The volume was down in the summer of 2008 to around 120 units per month (homes an...
      There are market segments that are doing well.  Then there are some that are not doing so well.  Here is a chart of home sales the past 12 months compared with 2006.  Price Range     Listed 2009     Sold 2009        Ratio     Listed 2006        Sold 2006         Ratio $0 - $200K          11...
    Not going down!  That's the good news!  The average numbers did not decline from the past 30 days and we can all be thankful for that piece of good news (except if you are a buyer).   Some other good news is that Vilas County Transfer Tax is down only 15% from 2008.  That is better than it ha...
  The red line is the units sold and is the most significant value.  Unit sales in June 2008 were 123, in 2007, they were 186 and in 2006 they were 207.  In 2009, June unit sales of homes in Vilas and Oneida Counties were a disappointing 79 units.  We are selling 38% of the homes that we were in...
  Improving!  The average numbers have been boosted by 4 $1M sales on the waterfront side in both Oneida and Vilas Counties.  This is one area where the sales (and showings) have been sluggish.  Off-water home sales have also improved.  The market under $200K has been active and continues to imp...
      The red line is the one to watch.  This represents the unit sales in both Oneida and Vilas Counties.  It has not shown a significant increase yet in 2009.  In fact, after a disappointing 2008, the 2009 numbers show fewer unit sales than 2008.  Not the best of news for Sellers.  I still rema...

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