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Housing Supply is Too Low  Prices in Hawaii have gone unbelieveably higher to eye popping gains!Update: Summer Selling Season is Early on Oahu, the frying pan has heated up! The statistics are in for April and single-family sales volume has skyrocketed almost 22% and prices continue to rise. Tech...
Kailua Hawaii Home Price Trends for May 2015Real estate market data for Kailua, HI provided by Bruce Hicks of Best Homes Hawaii.Kailua Home PricesWe have seen 12 straight months of listing price increases on home prices in Kailua (click the graph above or here) bottom of the page, and don’t expec...
There are tons of events happening this Hawaii Memorial Day Weekend 2015NUMBER ONE: School is out for summer!  There are lots of THINGS to DO! One of the favorite places to go for the Memorial Holiday weekend is Lanikai Beach in Kailua. It and neighboring Kailua Beach have consistently been named...
Did you know that Homeownership Creates Family Wealth in Hawaii?Matthew Rognlie, a young graduate student from the Department of Economics at MIT, recently released a 51 page Brookings Paper: "Deciphering the Fall and Rise in the Net Capital Share."  One of the major findings of the report is tha...
You will find the Best School Rankings 2015 Oahu hereOften heard is this: "I want be in a neighborhood near a really good private or public school."  They are reminded that as a licensed agent, federal and state guidelines prevent agents from discussing that; however, I usually tell them to searc...
Home Prices in Aina Haina - Kuliouou for April 2015 Real estate market data for Aina Haina - Kuliouou, Hawaii provided by  Honolulu Board of Realtors® The HBR publishes market statistical reports, which include monthly and yearly indicators, a housing supply overview and historical graphs.Aina H...
Sellers AS IS CONDITION Delimma - Hawaii Real EstateToday, SELLERS often want to sell their property to be taken "AS IS". They may do this with the thought that it is the remedy to push their sale off to the buyer's responsibility. "I don't want to do ridiculous repairs that a buyer might demand"...
For those looking on Oahu Hawaii Armed Forces Day Celebrations.  It may be a little bit hard to find, due to the high alert at all bases nationwide.Since 1950, when President Harry Truman signed the Presidential Proclamation, we have celebrated ARMED FORCES DAY in honor of the military forces. Al...
Are you getting messages of your Pets Poop Banned?Hawaii condo and townhouse complexes are turning to DNA to catch irresponsible dog owners.  You might call it doody, poo poo and a myrid of other things.  Clearly, to many Home owners, pet waste is a nuisance, and in extreme circumstances it can b...
This is PART DEAUX (Part two)  (see PART ONE by clicking this line)You might be from Hawaii if.... You understand when someone says that LAS VEGAS is our 9th Island You know someone in the family named Boy, Honey Girl, Tita, Bruddah, Juniaah, Sonny, Bachan, Taitai, Popo, or Vovo. They say "Shtrai...

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