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There are some things I'm VERY passionate about: relationship-building, high character values, financial wisdom, photography and of course, real estate! You can expect advice and opinions of a conservative perspective on this blog. This is MY VOICE on Active Rain. Real Estate advice (and more) for real people. If you want no fluff, you are at the real place.



It's easy for people to say, Never Take An Overpriced Listing. Everybody knows not to do it.... But is it really that simple - especially when you want listings to be the meat and potatoes of your business? I've learnt a few good lessons from this:While I do agree that we should never take an ove...
Today is my very good friend's birthday .... Jennifer Allan. Wishing all her heart's desires for this upcoming year.Jennifer, somehow I think this is going to be your best year yet!!!!As part of her birthday celebration, I want to share with you my Jennifer Allan story.........My Jennifer Allan s...
The mega-star of coffee house - Starbucks is closing its doors early today at 5:30pm today (Tuesday February 26th) for a re-education training to focus on customer service. This closing affects all of its stores in North Texas. This training will last 3 hours. Starbucks has always pride itself wi...
Looks like this week just fly by so fast and it's time to weigh myself again. I gave myself a break so I didn't exercise at all. Thought that I'd be happy if I gained any weight. So this morning, the scale showed that I weighed 1 lb less. Yippee....... Goal = 28 lbs.Walked a total of 0 miles.Weig...
2007 has been a roller coaster year for the Frisco TX Homes real estate market. Frisco TX Homes have  its fair share of challenges and so does Panther Creek Estates Frisco. However, based on the market data on Panther Creek, PCE has a better than average year when compared to the rest of Frisco. ...
Weight - Loss Challenge WEEK 7: I thought this was going to be a rough week - with Valentine's Day and my Anniversary (all on the same day), there's no telling what my scale would say on Monday morning. We always celebrate special occasions with food and we always have Sushi Buffet on our celebra...
Craig Ranch McKinney is located in the highly desirable real estate location of McKinney - bordering Frisco on its West and Plano on its South. It is minutes from State Highway SH 121. Craig Ranch is a 2,500 acre master-planned community with many great amenities offered to its residents: a world...
Thanks to Dave Ramsey and having no budget on Valentine's Day (also my anniversary), my husband always teases me about why he never buys me anything for our special occassion. I thought I'd at least get 2 gifts when we decided to get married on Valentine's Day 7 beautiful years ago. It's confirme...
You can now actually apply the principle you have learnt in the Finance class 101. Here it the gist of what Time Value of Money means to a buyer in a real estate transaction. In a real estate transaction, everything is NEGOTIABLE. We do not just negotiate on the price but the terms such as closin...
I have debated about setting up this new group for a while. I understand that there are too many great blogs out there and many of which encompass this topic. But I would like to have this collection set up for those who want to find this in a snapshot - so here it is: Best Business Practices.Thi...

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