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There are some things I'm VERY passionate about: relationship-building, high character values, financial wisdom, photography and of course, real estate! You can expect advice and opinions of a conservative perspective on this blog. This is MY VOICE on Active Rain. Real Estate advice (and more) for real people. If you want no fluff, you are at the real place.



When my good friend, John Cannata wrote about his post Stop Sign or Speed Bump - How do you see your real estate market? I really wanted to answer his question. He clearly gave me 2 choices: Stop Sign or Speed Bump. I had to pause to think which actually applies to my real estate market situation...
More information about Frisco Lakes by Del Webb Community.   Pulte Homes is the new home builder here at Frisco Lakes. Pulte Homes acquired Del Webb, known for building its active adult living communities since 1960s. Here in Frisco TX, Frisco Lakes will celebrate its 4 years in Frisco in April 2...
Frisco Lakes is a beautiful 1,000 acres of once used to be pastures off FM 423 between Lebanon and Stonebrook Parkway in the Frisco city limits. Upon completion, there will be about 2,400 homes at Frisco Lakes. Currently at Frisco Lakes, about 900 homes are completed as of Dec 29 2009. When lifes...
Christmas have come and gone. As we get ready for the New Year, it's time to take down the Christmas decorations including the Christmas tree. Let's keep our Earth green. Participate in the Christmas tree recycling program instead of throwing your Christmas tree away. In the recycling program, th...
For the past few years, I have really meditated about one scripture for the whole year. I feel the Lord has asked me to do that and in early 2009, he asked me to pray about Matthew 5:14-16. In the Message bible, it said, You're here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world. God is no...
We love because God first loved us. As ambassadors of God, it is through our love for others that we let our light shine. When you spread God's love in everything you do, God can do wonders through you. Just remember, God's on the brink of doing something so awesome in people's lives if you (and ...
I secretly wished for a White Christmas this year (2009) just because ..... Now guess what? We're having a White Christmas here in Frisco TX. It's an awesome wish granted because we don't get snow very often. Once or twice a year - if we are considered lucky. As years past, we seem to get the tre...
Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Yeos. Here's our 2-year version of Jingle Bells. Promise to do better next year. We may need to practise in September instead.             What a year it has been. Just watch the video from last Christmas Eve (2008) when he could barely walk...
So, you have been unemployed for 2 or 3 months now. Or you may have just received news that your position will be eliminated after the New Year. What should you do? Many households exist without a BUDGET. Money comes in, money goes out - sometimes thousands of dollars exchange hands in a single m...
It was represented to me recently, that after accepting so many multiple offers on a short sale, when enough is enough? It is a goal as the client's representative to help him/ her find the option out of a short sale situation. Hence, accepting a backup offer is a part of the strategy. Cited the ...

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