realtor success tips: Communication is KEY to a Successful Real Estate Transaction - 08/08/14 04:37 PM
A good friend of mine, Susan Emo inspired this post as she shared a Member's Only post about "Are You Doing Your Buyers a Disservice?"
Huge Disclosure: I'm not trash-talking about BIG TIME Producers necessarily. These are just some of my personal experiences. What you may experience with top producers may or may not be the same as mine.
QUESTION: Have you become too big for yourself?
Business need to grow in order to produce. Growth comes with all rewards and challenges. Some of the observations I have made as I come in contact with some top producers:
(1) You can … (7 comments)

realtor success tips: Trust drives revenue - 02/07/14 12:12 AM
When I saw this Quote this morning, shared by a good friend from the post, 16 Quotes That'll Make You a Better Marketer/ Storyteller, the one that spoke to me most is:

Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenues.
This quote is so fitting what we do here on Active Rain. Everyday, we put out trust-worthy content. Content relevant to our industry, marketplace and local areas. We become the trusted source. When clients trust our information, they trust us and we build loyalty and ultimately, revenue from it.
That's what I've been doing here for the … (5 comments)

realtor success tips: Essential Money Management Skills for Success and Survival - 01/12/14 02:54 AM
A newbie agent in a Facebook group asked for advice for starting out. In a few short hours, he received tons of great advice. I did not read every single comment before I shared mine.
If I can only share 1 advice to any agent (newbie or not), here's what I would share from my experience: Money Management Skills.
It doesn't matter how successful you are, or not, if you lack this skill, you will always be drowning and chasing.
My best advice:
(1) Run a debt-free business
Before you start producing income, start small. Most people have a laptop/ computer … (7 comments)

realtor success tips: Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014! - 01/01/14 08:30 PM

Looking back, what an incredible year we had... We hit yet another "Best Year yet" in 2013, thinking there was no way we could beat 2012 before we began.
The Lord looked down and said, "Oh... Just wait. Let me really show you how it's done".
Since 2010, we've been hitting record-breaking years. Many of the successes have to do with Active Rain, blogging activities and Internet marketing we have done since 2007. Until today, we still receive calls based on the posts we wrote back in the day.
Statistics for 2013: 42% of business came from Internet marketing activities … (10 comments)

realtor success tips: First Flying Over It! - 12/07/13 10:23 AM
There is an excerpt from the book, Entreleadership written by radio talk show host Dave Ramsey that left an impression on me as I read it. It probably had made such a significant impact that I do plan to do something about it.
I'm home bound for another day or so after the ice storm took Frisco and the rest of the Dallas metroplex at a stand still.
It said, "Most businesses never take the time to plough their fields by first, flying over it".
To preface over what he discussed earlier, Dave Ramsey talked about how businesses fail to take … (3 comments)

realtor success tips: Spreadsheets and Simplicity - 10/03/13 07:38 PM
Someone at the CRS group on Linked In asked about the "systems" others used to manage transaction coordination, from contract to close.
Many awesome names were spitted out: Cartavi, Paperless Pipeline, BackAgent, Relay, SureClose and many more. I have never tried any of these. They may be world-class but I havent tested them.
Here's what I shared: 
I believe in spreadsheets and simplicity....
On the Info tab, I enter the executed date, closing date, information about the parties involved. (All systems would need basic information to begin with).
With the information entered, the spreadsheet automatically calculates all the timelines for me.
From … (8 comments)

realtor success tips: It's 4Q - Who Let the Dogs Out???? - 09/30/13 09:11 PM
I can't believe that the 4th Quarter is here. Where did the year ago? I remembered I put on a Happy New Year onesie on my then 10-month old daughter as if it was last week.
We've survived 3 quarters. We are right at the beginning of the 4th. The year will end as you set your mind to.
My 4th Quarter looks very strong. There are more listing phone calls that I've ever had during the same time than previous years. The pool of buyers are still searching. It looks like it will end another best year yet. And each … (11 comments)

realtor success tips: We Are All In the Same Boat - 09/08/13 08:58 PM
Barbara Todaro's recent post, You May Have Won the Battle But You Have Lost the War reminded me some of "not-so-pleasant" negotiations in the past. I've often felt the "need to prove that I'm a HERO to my client" more than reminding of ourselves that our clients have really hired us to seal the deal, more than anything else.
As a Frisco TX Realtor, my job is to remind everyone in the transaction of the BIG PICTURE. Don't let emotions and pride get in the way. It can become detrimental.
For clients: Remember that in the bigger picture, if negotiations can … (48 comments)

realtor success tips: Building a Successful Team is like Playing Football - 05/12/13 11:57 PM

Football is new to me. I've only been in America for over 17 years. My first stop happens to be in Sooner Nation. So, naturally I learned to watch the game and be a part of the Sooner Boomer culture.
I love everything FOOTBALL. I love analogies about FOOTBALL and how it ties into LIFE and REAL ESTATE.
The latest I heard is by John Maxwell, a renowned author and leadership expert said this,
A leader is like a quarterback. He doesn’t get paid to run the ball. He gets paid to put the ball into the right hands.
I … (13 comments)

realtor success tips: Begin 2nd Quarter - 03/31/13 08:43 PM
Such an amazing and perfect day today. It's Monday - the 1st official work day of the week and co-incidentally is the beginning of 2nd Quarter.
So, how was your 1st? Was there room for improvement? Can you learn from 1st and apply it to 2nd?
As for me, 1st Quarter came and gone, just like that. It felt like we just celebrated Christmas and now, even Easter is behind us. My tulips are starting to wither away too. There were lots of "great" intentions for marketing in the 1st Quarter. However, they were not well executed because..... I got busy … (6 comments)

realtor success tips: What's Your 20-mile March Today? - 03/11/13 08:23 PM
Jim Collins, best selling author of Built to Last, Good to Great, How the Mighty Fall and his latest book, Great by Choice coined the term, 20-mile MARCH.
Watch this video, starting 4:00-min until Jim Collins finished talking about Fanatic Discipline.

Team Summit March 2013.mp4 from Hope Fellowship on Vimeo.
My church in her Leadership Summit showed us this video. It can be applied right here in our business.
Building tremendous fanatic discipline will get you there. So, decide each day, each week and each month what your 20-mile march is.
What do you need to do TODAY regardless of … (5 comments)

realtor success tips: 3 Impact Videos that can surge your real estate business - 03/06/13 11:08 PM
I listened to 3 of these recent videos that have such high impact to possibly propelled me yet to another level and season in my life.
Life was pretty slow the first 6 weeks of 2013. I was thinking that it had forgotten to include me.
Right when mid-February rolled around, I havent stopped!!!
I continously learn and seek and came across these 3 videos. I hope you spend the time listening it to it.
Bill Hybels and Jim Collins about Fanatic Discipline and Empirical Creativity. Although this video talked about building a successful church (it's not "church-y"), it can … (13 comments)

realtor success tips: Podio for Real Estate: How To Get Started - 01/22/13 02:18 AM
Now that you decided to try Podio, where do you Start?
(1) Create a WORKSPACE.
A Workspace is how you define it. Some define it by the Departments: Marketing, Accounting, Sales, etc.
My company is small. So I define my Workspaces by People Name. Assistant, Buyer's Name and 3:16 Business.
"Create a Workspace" Button is located on the left column on your main page of Podio.
Follow the steps to create, including "whom" you want in this space and its roles for Permission (Administrator or Regular Member). If you want to give a Member an Admin Role, add separately from those you … (4 comments)

realtor success tips: Podio for Real Estate: CRM & Project Collaboration - 01/21/13 01:19 PM
UPDATE FOR PODIO: Since January 2014, I have started using Evernote, changed a little workflow process but it fits what I was needing Evernote to do for me. It was never the easiest to get Podio to do what I needed it to do for me. Since then, I have abandoned Podio as a CRM solution for my business.
For the past 10 days, I've been playing with Podio, a cloud-based "work" collaboration platform, as they call it. In the real estate world, we can call it CRM - Customer Relationship Management tool. It's also been described as … (16 comments)

realtor success tips: Consistency transforms an ordinary man to extraordinary - 01/13/13 08:23 PM
Consistency can transform an ordinary man to EXTRAORDINARY.
Since this is a business blog, I'd focus on career. But it applies to anything you want to achieve in life.
Pick a few things, master it by doing it consistently everyday. Dont underestimate the power of consistency and discipline. If you want success, you have to keep at it no matter how many times you may fall down or feel discouraged.
There is a bible scripture that plays in my mind each time I think about discipline, think about how hard it is to pull myself out of bed to start my … (14 comments)

realtor success tips: It's a New Year - 12/31/12 08:20 PM
2012 is behind us. 2013 marks a new year, new beginnings and more importantly new opportunities. Because we've crossed over to a new year, it didn't how 2012 went. It's time to look forward for great opportunities to come. Some of the things you could do to make 2013 a better year, regardless of how great or not-so-great 2012 was:
Find a few business strategies that work. Keep doing them EVERYDAY. Meet a few new people each month. There is a saying that goes, You'll still be at the same place you are 5 years from today except for the people … (9 comments)

realtor success tips: How to Sell Real Estate on a Tight Budget - 12/30/12 05:35 AM
Someone posted about this topic on the Active Rain Linked In group. I'd thought I should chime in here about my experience since I started selling real estate back in 2003.
When I first started real estate, there were no intentions of serving real estate consumers. We only did it for us, because we read the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series, talking about getting out of the Rat Race. Real estate was the vehicle we chose to do it with.
Later, friends in our group started buying their first homes. Because we bought ours 8 months after I graduated college, they … (41 comments)

realtor success tips: Seed Planning 2013 - 12/09/12 08:47 AM

It's nothing but business planning but I prefer to call it Seed Planning. I'm a farmer and I plant seeds. I work in my fields (marketing efforts) everyday and I reap what I sow. It's a great feeling.
This year, it's not any different than the years past. But I'm completing re-formatting how I set up my Seed (Business) planning. If you wish to follow this format, here's what I did:
Information from 2012: Learning how your year went is important.
Where did your business come from (Internet, Referrals, Circle of Influence, Business Referrals, etc.)?  Did you achieve what you … (7 comments)

realtor success tips: How Do You Stay Productive in Your Slow Season? - 11/01/12 07:51 AM
The Texas Realtor magazine asked, "How do you stay productive during your slow season".....  I’d thought I’d share with some of my favorite peeps on how I keep myself productive during the Slow season.
It’s all about planning and many years, I have been taking the 4th Quarter as a “planning” season for the following year, it’s also a time I play catch up with all the “greatest” intentions I had for the year. Remember the 4th Quarter Challenge? How are you doing on that?
My motto is “What you do today affects you 90 days from today”. With … (49 comments)

realtor success tips: Your Many Chances of Do-Overs - 08/26/12 10:35 PM
Frisco ISD school kids head back to school tomorrow (Monday 8/27/2012) after what we (parents) feel like a long but productive Summer. The schools enrolled, the backpack filled, stationaries bought and everyone is excited and ready to go.
As a person, I love NEW BEGINNINGS. I look at it as a chance to "do-overs". I'm a very positive thinking person and I do not drool in pity parties and negative energy that does nothing except to tear me down and make me unproductive.
Over the past year, I've learned that there are lots of people's problems out there. I'm in no … (7 comments)

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