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Informative and entertaining witticisms pertaining to all Real Estate and it's related realms. The commentary should be thought provoking within an informal environment. Statistics regarding local real estate are frequently provided as a guide to assess long and short term trends. Generally associated with all forms of Real Estate and Property development in America throughout its history.



People always talk about adding LIFE to your years instead of just YEARS to your life.  George Jones was one of those entertainers who added his life to ours and made it better in so, so many ways.  We will miss you sorely.  Throughout his hit filled career he traveled a rocky road at times.  He ...
If Marvel had any sense they would be calling to get this girl into their Spiderman lineup.  It seems I've been calling myself a "former" athlete for way too long however it does not diminish the ability to recognize amazing physical feats when I see them.  Take a few seconds out of your day and ...
Summer is right around the corner and we will see 80 degree days more and more frequently before that.  This post started as a basic outline of how to use your fans most efficiently to save money and energy.  As I dug deeper, gathering information I realized that while using ceiling fans is the m...
At night, people who know me, can pretty much guess where I'll be.  And if someone stops by the office searching my whereabouts it's reasonable that the duty person will direct them there also.  Morning is an entirely different matter altogether.  The Cove Inn Coffee Shoppe is definitely unable t...
The signing of the bill that made the AMBER Alert system a Federal Law has it's 10th birthday today.  We can all celebrate it's effectiveness with more than 500 success stories accredited to it's name.  The title here is the Official acronym description for what began as one little girl's abducti...
There are probably more than 80 choices of macros I can utilize for any particular Buyer's wants in housing.  The list continues to grow and develop as the modern family redefines the importance of each facet.  The social aspect of home design has changed drastically in the last 30 years and muta...
There are no signs of sales slowing down in Naples, Florida.  A total of 1,959 singles and low, mid & high rise residences closed from New Years Day through Easter!  We're looking at the beginning of that "closing" season in the chart below.  It's not only that more properties are being moved off...
It took me about 2 months before I finally was able to remember this product's name properly.  I couldn't help but repeat Kanga every time I was describing it.  You know, my  mind automatically clicked with kangaroo and that was a difficult comparison to break.  You'll see why in a minute.  So wh...
Water usage is a big deal in Florida and everywhere for that matter.  When the temperatures begin to rise there's a lot lost through evaporation alone.  Those green lawns couldn't survive a month in Summer without a twice a week dosing of dihydrogen monoxide.  About 70% of the World's freshwater ...
The Battle rages on between ASKING and SELLING prices.  The trend lines are nearly parallel for the past two years as shown here.  The gap remains almost identical throughout this span although a little convergence seems to be on the way with March's surge of SOLDS.  This will continue to depend ...

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