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Informative and entertaining witticisms pertaining to all Real Estate and it's related realms. The commentary should be thought provoking within an informal environment. Statistics regarding local real estate are frequently provided as a guide to assess long and short term trends. Generally associated with all forms of Real Estate and Property development in America throughout its history.



Scientists agree that the human body is about 70% water but what is it doing in there? The cells are made up of 90% water, blood 85%, our brains 80% (may vary), muscles 75% and even bones are comprised of about 30% water. A 2.2 liter bottle of it weighs almost 5 pounds. Without it we die, scienti...
Once you've lived here it's very difficult to get Port Royal out of your system. The history of Port Royal isn't a secret. It was One man's dream to develop an idyllic neighborhood for like minded individuals to enjoy for the ages. The centerpiece will always be The Port Royal Club. It's not the ...
A lot of people have a hard time going to the gym. This isn't only because of the effort it takes to exercise. It's also because of all of those darn mirrors. Scan the room next time you're there. Some people are looking at their reflections nearly every moment while others barely notice themselv...
The title may be sobering, although, as we literally heat up, the market tends to cool down. Of the 430 or so homes in the Town of Jupiter Island there are about 22 available for sale. The average asking price is approaching $10,400,000 and their square footage averages slightly under 8,140. The ...
Since we're relegated to remain in our bodies while enjoying our time on Earth we have the opportunity to challenge ourselves as no other species does, through competition. Survival of the fittest takes on a different set of rules in civilized societies. The myriad of ways we measure our abilitie...
      Becoming thinner is a side effect of eating well and exercise. The common ingredient to all of your effort is YOU and where you want to end up. It's easy to say swimming for an hour burns 510 calories or running an hour burns 560 but individually speaking that's just not the case. Your abil...
Supplements seem to be the mainstay of the 55 and over crowd in the U.S. with 74% taking some type of vitamin or daily dosage of something. Our youth aren't far behind and while their choices differ they consume them at a 68% rate daily. Do supplements work? That's the difficult thing to determin...
As our season begins to slow you may hear discussions about worsening market conditions, mortgage rate increases, less inventory, price drops, lengthier days to sell and close and so on. Watching this cyclical annual event excluding the "Bubble" of years gone by is all part of our local return to...

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