days on market: Everything Appears to be Pointing in the Right Direction - 12/11/18 01:08 PM
The Naples, Florida real estate market is looking quite spiffy for the third quarter. What have you've been reading about inventory? It's not happening here! Generally, the 4th quarter eases up somewhat then we come back like gangbusters after the first Monday in the New Year.
There's only one arrow which points downward here but it's acceptable because the trend shows less Days On Market which is favorable to
Buyers  &  Sellers

Infographic provided by Naples Area Board of REALTORS
(aka NABOR) and tells the whole story about Q3 in a nutshell. Just look at that run on Condos too, it's … (5 comments)

days on market: Of All of the Market Reports SUPPLY & DEMAND Tells the Best Story - 06/10/18 08:13 PM
Supply and demand easily shows where you've been and may offer some clarity to where Real Estate is moving. The information here is specific to Port Royal with quarterly statistics for the past three years. The trends are evident of positive movement toward a relatively balanced market in consideration of the small sampling whichPort Royal typically offers.
I'll let the chart and its data speak for themselves!
My only comment would be that 77 Homes for Sale in Port Royal could be approaching a new record if not the highest number I've seen here in a long time. It's going to be … (6 comments)

days on market: Trending for the Single Family Home in Jupiter, FL - 06/16/16 01:16 AM
It's HOT in Jupiter, Florida! Forget what you hear about inventory. Disregard what others say about high prices. Who says it's a Seller's market? You don't have to pay more than full asking price! Look at this graph and I'll show you what's happening here.
Sales (multiply by 10) = the number of homes sold each month which shows a low of 120 and hit its high last month of 200+ homes. This trend is not expected to continue.
Dollars (multiply by $10,000) =  while this line shows the median price heading down 6.5% from $400,000 we have an upside to our … (3 comments)

days on market: Market Time can be Described as Playing "Name That Tune" the Real Estate Version - 03/05/15 04:34 AM
Envision yourself and several other associates sitting around a large table at a customer's home that  you're all attempting to list. You've finished the compelling stories of why they should choose you to market their property and now it's time to get down to brass tacks. As in the game of Name That Tune you'll now have to put your money where your mouth is and vie for the quickest sale. The graph below has some pretty steep numbers. How low could you go given this range of time? When you consider that the average sold home price hovers above $5,000,000 … (35 comments)

days on market: Anniversaries are Cause for Celebration but Not When They're Your Listings - 02/24/15 03:26 AM
Market conditions being what they are, is there a tipping point when you finally say to yourself, "It's time to move on." I find it difficult to understand why selling a home should take any longer than one year. The Seller's perspective is the guiding force behind any sale, no one can compel you to sell you must want to do it. There is a lot of emotion tied to transactions where 30 years of your life have been spent. Weighing pros and cons to dispose of a family home can be downright scary!
Dollars can soften the landing when it … (12 comments)

days on market: If Your Home Isn't SELLING, It Usually Can Mean Only One Thing - PRICE - 06/26/13 04:54 AM
During the past two years or so all we've been hearing about for the most part is maintenance, upgrades & cleanliness as the factors you need to focus on to get your home sold.  In reality we know that after location it is PRICE that sells homes and the more of the aforementioned "details" you tend to the more "PRICE" you're gonna get.  
Inventory is flying off of our proverbial shelves and if your home remains on the shelf and you've brought it's condition up to snuff, there's only one thing left to do.  LOWER YOUR PRICE!  As long as … (6 comments)

days on market: There Was A Time When Condominiums Were "All the Rage", Today It's a Tad More Tough - 09/24/11 05:17 AM
Naples is essentially a Second Home market and we currently have just under 6,000 residences available.  Of that amount about 2,400 are Single Family Homes with the remainder being filled mostly with Condominiums or Towhhouses.  The latter tend to be popular because they are more easily managed while you're away.  The Associations generally make sure the exteriors are up to snuff and there are available services that look after the interiors while you're away.  This reminds me of the Ron Popeil method of "Set It and Forget It" when leaving for the off season.  Approximately 60% of our market is driven by Condominium Sales, therefore … (31 comments)

days on market: Are Your "Short Sale" number of Units Under Contract skewing your Market Statistics? - 04/27/10 05:34 AM

I find that there is no longer a rationale to include this information in my typical reporting and especially the supporting data.  The number will not be on the downturn for any length of time in the near or far future for that matter.  What this represents to me is the glut of homes which remain active but are pending short sales which may have been under contract as long as 26 months ago and remain here statistically messing with our numbers.  I'm am not saying to ignore them only that their existence tends to undermine current market assessments.  To alleviate some … (2 comments)

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