dieting: Think Thin Thursday ~ What Your Scale Says to YOU May be a Lie - 01/17/19 09:34 AM
So many things can be untrue when your diet revolves around hopping on the scale once or more per day. What you're wearing, what you ate, how much you drink, the kind of food consumed and even the time of day can affect that silly number. When it does appear your whole day can be put on a cloud when it's less or drive you through hell for seeing more.
I remember being in the office one day when "the ladies" were talking about their successes and failures regarding weight loss. My belief was that 5 or 6 of them had joined … (9 comments)

dieting: Think Thin Thursday ~ There's Gold in Those Diet Supplements - 05/03/18 09:56 AM
Supplements seem to be the mainstay of the 55 and over crowd in the U.S. with 74% taking some type of vitamin or daily dosage of something. Our youth aren't far behind and while their choices differ they consume them at a 68% rate daily. Do supplements work? That's the difficult thing to determine as individuals. There are 50,000 products out there with all sorts of claims offering weight loss, energy, libido enhancing and more. The usual path takes each supplement on a decade long journey where they peak and another MIRACLE pill or drink takes its place. Don't get me … (7 comments)

dieting: Think Thin Thursday ~ Speedo Edition - 04/19/18 02:45 PM

What NOT to wear this Summer unless you don't give a damn! Granted anyone who is comfortable in their own skin then take it away and flaunt what you've got, however, I urge anyone built like this to experiment and try to lose 10 pounds by Memorial Day. Small changes can create huge benefits. Weight loss is about 75% diet and 25% exercise so for every 3,500 calories burned or not consumed that equals 1 pound of body weight and effort. The Cheescake Factory has meals that approach 3,000 calories. If that's a once a week habit or worse avoiding such … (5 comments)

dieting: Think Thin Thursday ~ The Power of Green Tea - 04/19/18 02:15 PM

No, green tea does not have this kind of power to reshape a person's body. What it does have is many attributes which are positive for good health and body functions. There are some who cannot tolerate the effects of caffeine and this tea has plenty. Also, studies show that it may affect iron absorption therefore if you plan to reap the benefits it's a good idea to consult your Doctor before beginning its consumption. Green tea is a known anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, brain health and weight loss beverage. It doesn't sound like much but expect a pound a month to disappear … (6 comments)

dieting: Think Thin Thursday ~ An Oldie But Goody - 07/27/17 12:21 PM

Anyone else up for some Tuna today?
Have a Great lunch!

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