efficiency: Think Thin Thursday ~ The Art of Swimming w/o Swimming - 04/10/19 08:28 PM
There are those that love to swim and those that hate the thought of it. Today I want to help you learn how to enjoy it a little more of every lap of the the pool. To begin with, swimming is the least destructive exercise you can do for your body. There's no pounding or muskuloskeletal stresses on ligaments, tendons or bones. The benefit of a virtually zero gravity environment is that our joints don't have to suffer to provide an excellent cardiovascular workout.
When I talk about the art of swimming without swimming what I'm really saying is it's time to understand … (8 comments)

efficiency: Think Thin Thursday ~ The Shape You're In - 05/24/18 07:11 AM
A lot of people have a hard time going to the gym. This isn't only because of the effort it takes to exercise. It's also because of all of those darn mirrors. Scan the room next time you're there. Some people are looking at their reflections nearly every moment while others barely notice themselves. Whether you are home or at the gym learn to love that mirror. They can tell you a lot about your body.
The greatest thing about the human body is it's ability to adapt to nearly everything we throw at it or in this case lift. Your perfect … (8 comments)

efficiency: Real Estate Customers Are NOT a Dying Breed - 11/01/16 02:21 AM
We all want success in our business. To accomplish this you must have enough customers to buy into the service offered. Before you begin, time must be spent identifying who your customers will be. Every associate has a target in mind and like snowflakes, no two are identical. Everyone is a potential customer although evaluating them as your target market will take some effort. You must ask yourself who are my most likely customers? Then tailor your marketing and services to that particular group of customers.
Defining Customers is an Important Requirement? Your perception of who those customers are will enhance … (44 comments)

efficiency: If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It ~ There are plenty of other ways to waste your energy! - 08/28/15 12:12 AM
Fleetwood Mac is just one of my favorite groups from the 60's. That's right I said 60's. They existed long before their Rumors album came about. That was 1974 and before the Lindsey Buckingham era there was Peter Green. 
 A lot of artists and their bands have covered this song. Oh Well. and whether you like Leo Kottke and Mike Gordon, The Black Crowes, Jimmy Page, Haim, The Rockets, Lindsey Buckingham or Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers versions does not matter. The point being that they've all benefited from using a song that works and has a great track record. Not a remix but … (25 comments)

efficiency: Sign In, Take a Number, and Wait, and Wait, and Wait, Why? - 06/16/15 04:50 AM
Most Real Estate associates will spend a good deal of time at the local and county building departments for any number of reasons. This has been the way we gathered basic information about our listings, houses we plan to buy, information which our customers want and today's heated topics of permit violation or failure to apply for them. You can also find much of the information on-line as well. Note that I am not a fan of foreclosed property where lenders pass the buck onto unsuspecting Buyers or otherwise use disclaimers in the listings to thwart responsibility.
What I have been observing is … (20 comments)

efficiency: You Dirty, Dirty Coil, I'm So Ashamed of YOU! - 06/08/15 10:48 PM
There are times when I wish I was an HVAC technician, more specifically an Air Conditioning specialist. My Northern days rarely had the necessity of air conditioning the entire home. A whole house fan or window units could bring the comfort to a reasonable level in a relatively short amount of time. The droning of each seemed to help with sleep during the anticipated sounds of Summer which permeated the humid days and nights. It was Neil Diamond who brought this message to the forefront with his album Hot August Night, yes, the ALBUM.
Today we are having our A/C unit replaced. … (12 comments)

efficiency: Feeling Hot, Hot,Hot? SEER, Only Part of the Air Conditioning Story! - 07/29/13 02:46 PM
Older central AC units are rated around 6 SEER from the 70's to 80's.  About 8 or so in the 90's and had minimum requirements of 10 through January 2006.  Now we have to have at least a 13 rating to comply with most federal requirements.  SEER can sometimes be misleading because the air conditioning systems are tested in an 82 degree environment.  What works well in Orego may not do so well in Florida.  The problem with the SEER rating is that it doesn’t give consumers an accurate picture of energy efficiency.  Using that as a baseline we would never … (5 comments)

efficiency: Variable Control Voice Activated Digital Recorders, That's a Mouthful! - 07/26/13 05:48 AM
Throughout my career I've used various recording devices to gather thoughts, dictate, remember appointments and to gather leads.  So much more handy than scribbling a note on whatever material you have available.  Paper napkins, bits of torn newspaper, business card and even popsicle sticks have been used.  Collecting and sorting through a conglomeration of garbage to find that million dollar customer's phone number is, well, despicable.  Initial recordings were done on a portable, yet relatively large standard cassette machine.  What could I possibly do with such an old tape recorder in the 70's?  Realize that the microphone alone was larger than … (2 comments)

efficiency: Get to Know No, It Can Alleviate a Lot of Aggravation - 06/19/12 11:27 AM
Have you ever wondered where the saying "The third time's the charm!" has it's derivation?  It seems that no one really knows.  There's a lot of truism to the statement though.  Could it's origins be somehow tied to the three strike rule in baseball?  Abner Doubleday may be attributed to the phrase in some fashion.  In any case the 3rd portion usually ends up as the successful try and that's where we'll begin.
It really makes no matter about it's origins except that it applies to so many of life's trials and tribulations.  By the time we're at number three we should … (2 comments)

efficiency: With All of These Checks & Balances, Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong - 07/28/11 03:27 PM

Go Wrong, Go Wrong, Go Wrong, Go Wrong, Go Wrong, Go Wrong,
 Go Wrong, Go Wrong, Go Wrong, Go Wrong, Go Wrong

efficiency: My Mileage is Rotten, Got Any Suggestions, I'll Go Broke at $5.00 a Gallon! - 01/27/11 07:43 AM
Under full throttle, a dragster engine consumes 1 1/2 gallons of nitro per second, that's the same rate of fuel consumption as a fully loaded 747 but with 4 times the energy volume.  Let's say you make one run, from start-up to shut down.  How much fuel do you think you'll burn?  It can be as much as 22 gallons.  Not good efficiency when you consider that the distance traveled could be under one mile. Although we need an automobile to conduct our business how many of you are taking a conscious look at the MPG your top choice gets.  In … (10 comments)

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