exercise: Think Thin Thursday ~ Are Golf and Bowling Defensible as Exercise? - 04/04/19 10:35 AM
Another apology is in the offing although it is officially still Thursday for most of us. The bowling leagues will be back on the lanes in a few weeks and our golf courses will be thinning out as our northern visitors return to their roosts. For years I have contemplated whether there is an exercise benefit to either sport. What we do know is that there is some movement of the body in both, There are small balls and big balls to contend with and their opposing weights of light and heavy. The heavy ones roll along while the small ones fly. … (9 comments)

exercise: Think Thin Thursday ~ When Working Out It's the Intensity That'll Drive Your Results - 02/28/19 02:04 AM
To be honest, I HATE working out but it's the results I am much more interested. When you block time for your exercise doesn't it make sense to have an efficient and effective result for your efforts. I do not have competitions on my calendar anymore. No team member is relying on me to be in peak form. I'm just trying stay alive and have the physical ability ro move this old body on its own for as long as possible. This menial task takes so little exertion on a regular basis it almost astounds me with the keyword being regular.
As long … (15 comments)

exercise: Think Thin Thursday ~ On This Day it Begins with Your Heart - 02/14/19 07:21 AM
The Heart is a fascinating organ which is uniquely capable of providing the utmost of strength and the tenderness of Love in its perfect place, the Center of our bodies.
It works constantly to keep us alive and is barely perceptible while doing so until it begins to fail. It beats to the activity, and emotions we sense and feel every day of our lives. Today we can enjoy our heart shaped candy, cards and cut out shapes. Celebrate your Love!
While hiking in Alaska many years ago we had set up our tent, ate dinner and readied ourselves for the … (10 comments)

exercise: Think Thin Thursday ~ Get to the Core with Medicine Balls - 01/31/19 06:50 AM
Today we're going to jump right to the heart of the matter. Whether you call them fitness, med or medicine balls you should give them a try. Either alone or in a group they can be the primary exercise tool or an addition to finish off a workout and also an excellent warm-up too.
You'll find the medicine ball to be quite versatile. The normal ball today resembles a basketball and typically weighs about 12 pounds. DON'T KICK THEM! They can have diameters between 8 and 18 inches and weigh anywhere from 2 to 25 pounds. Usually their weight is shown as  … (8 comments)

exercise: Think Thin Thursday ~ An Honest Review About Nutrisystem - 12/13/18 04:25 AM
There have been times as a willing and supportive partner I've been subjected to more than a few diet plans. The first was the Cambridge Diet, an MLM company that consisted of a flavored powder  you would mix with water or skim milk. This was a 70's era product that did work and tasted pretty good. During the 80's I was educated about SlimFast which is another shake type supplement in a can which was very convenient. Both of these plans were simply have a shake for breakfast and lunch then eat a sensible dinner. They worked but are not truly … (10 comments)

exercise: Think Thin Thursday ~ More Pumping Iron and the Use of Drop Sets - 11/29/18 09:01 AM
Last week we touched on the subject of incorporating "Negatives" into your workout routines. Now I want to touch on, or should I say un-touch, some of the weight you've been lifting. Essentially DROP SETS are a way to give you a fantastic pump while on their way to humbling you at the gym. A preferred way to do this is with two assistants who can smoothly extract weight from the bar or machine at the beginning point of the rep and at the exact moment you reach failure and cannot do one more rep at that previous weight. Upon your … (5 comments)

exercise: Think Thin Thursday ~ Don't Confuse WORK with EXERCISE - 10/31/18 01:28 PM
A day in the life of a Real Estate Associate can be exhausting and while you may get home and just want to kick your feet up on the coffee table at the end of it know that it did have a benefit BUT it was not EXERCISE. What wore you out was Physical Activity and not EXERCISE. The latter is comprised of an intentional physical activity which is purposeful, planned, structured and most important repetitive. Both maintain your fitness level while exercise is used to improve it.
Whatever your level of fitness is there's a cumulative effect of work and exercise which gets … (5 comments)

exercise: Think Thin Thursday ~ The Rhythm is Gonna Get You - 10/09/18 07:05 AM
Get you in SHAPE that is!  What kind of music do you like to listen to? Put your ear-buds in and start walking. I know a lot of people who love to walk. I've been doing it ever since I was a little older than one. Got pretty good at it too. 
Today I want to up the ante by adding the thought of interval training to your walks or any of your aerobic exercises that you do. Interval training has to do with any routine which changes its pace between higher intensity and a manageable cadence several times within a single workout. … (6 comments)

exercise: Think Thin Thursday ~ No Sweat, No Problem - 09/19/18 12:44 PM
Florida is beginning to cool off! Well, not exactly, but indicators are showing that our Summer heat is beginning to wane. Temperatures in the upper 80's to low 90's almost daily and diminishing rainfall tells us that we have about 30 more days of heat at our doors. After that it'll cool down to a slightly more comfortable mid 80 average. I really don't care to hear  people say that you'll get used to it because I don't and haven't for the more than half of my life that I've lived here. Would I want to be anywhere else? No way!
For … (5 comments)

exercise: Think Thin Thursday ~ The "Skinny" on Hydration - 09/05/18 12:21 PM
This idea of hydration or lack thereof has been discussed by many experts espousing how much is enough and what are the minimum requirements. The right answer depends on the individual. Gender, age, weight, activity, climate and metabolism all play their parts. The easiest way to determine if your water (fluid) intake is enough look no further than the color of your urine. The lighter the better although only to a point. Clear to pale yellow is acceptable while darker yellow can mean you're dehydrated. Another common symptom is fatigue and or lack of focus. If you like numbers divide your weight … (14 comments)

exercise: Think Thin Thursday ~ Never Take Walking for Granted Again - 07/12/18 03:05 AM
We often take the the simple act of walking for granted. Have you ever taken a moment to actually consider what is happening in your legs with each step you take. Wrapping ourselves about the workings of our bones and skeleton it's the muscles that do all of the work to get and keep us moving. A series of perfectly timed contractions triggered by nerve impulses via the fuel we use to energize our bodies. Keep in mind there are as many as 840 muscles in the human body with about half of them being of concern only to Doctors and specialists … (10 comments)

exercise: Think Thin Thursday ~ It's Time to Visit the State of Well-Being - 06/14/18 09:30 AM
When we talk about fitness, nutrition, dieting or getting into shape it means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. The common thread is that we're all human and our bodies are basically constructed in the same way for the most part. Generally speaking our bones are the framework, muscles allow us to move and be productive also giving us our form and fat follows us wherever we go and hinders almost everything we do to a degree.
Imagine if fat made us more energetic or faster or stronger. Grilled cheese sandwiches, hot dogs and bacon would become … (3 comments)

exercise: Think Thin Thursday ~ The Shape You're In - 05/24/18 07:11 AM
A lot of people have a hard time going to the gym. This isn't only because of the effort it takes to exercise. It's also because of all of those darn mirrors. Scan the room next time you're there. Some people are looking at their reflections nearly every moment while others barely notice themselves. Whether you are home or at the gym learn to love that mirror. They can tell you a lot about your body.
The greatest thing about the human body is it's ability to adapt to nearly everything we throw at it or in this case lift. Your perfect … (8 comments)

exercise: Think Thin Thursday ~ Some Science & Technology can Help - 05/10/18 07:51 AM
      Becoming thinner is a side effect of eating well and exercise. The common ingredient to all of your effort is YOU and where you want to end up. It's easy to say swimming for an hour burns 510 calories or running an hour burns 560 but individually speaking that's just not the case. Your abilities will vary and the perception of intensity ranges wildly in our minds. 
      Most of us, if you've been to a hospital and stayed, have observed the "Pain Scale" on the whiteboard nurses use in your room. It contains who your Dr. is, medications you take, upcoming … (26 comments)

exercise: Think Thin Thursday ~ Speedo Edition - 04/19/18 02:45 PM

What NOT to wear this Summer unless you don't give a damn! Granted anyone who is comfortable in their own skin then take it away and flaunt what you've got, however, I urge anyone built like this to experiment and try to lose 10 pounds by Memorial Day. Small changes can create huge benefits. Weight loss is about 75% diet and 25% exercise so for every 3,500 calories burned or not consumed that equals 1 pound of body weight and effort. The Cheescake Factory has meals that approach 3,000 calories. If that's a once a week habit or worse avoiding such … (5 comments)

exercise: Think Thin Thursday ~ The Power of Green Tea - 04/19/18 02:15 PM

No, green tea does not have this kind of power to reshape a person's body. What it does have is many attributes which are positive for good health and body functions. There are some who cannot tolerate the effects of caffeine and this tea has plenty. Also, studies show that it may affect iron absorption therefore if you plan to reap the benefits it's a good idea to consult your Doctor before beginning its consumption. Green tea is a known anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, brain health and weight loss beverage. It doesn't sound like much but expect a pound a month to disappear … (6 comments)

exercise: Super Intense Workouts like Insanity and P90X Don't Even Come Close... - 06/20/13 10:34 PM
It's Friday Fun Time Again:  The term interval training has been in use for workouts since the days of Charles Atlas.  His theory was based on a system of exercise called "Dynamic Tension" which uses muscle against muscle for resistance.  Interval Training is a concept where repeated bursts of maximum effort force the body to remain at a heightened endurance level for periods of time and the cumulative effect attains visible results more efficiently and effectively.  The new training techniques demand lengthened anaerobic activity with minimal rest between the intervals and expending greater energy in higher doses.  These are the super … (4 comments)

exercise: Music to Your Ears, Increase Productivity by Changing Your Tempo! - 01/12/11 10:04 AM
We all have a rythym going on, and it will vary throughout the day.  When your radio is on and that certain song starts to play it can jazz you up and energize or bring you to a slow crawl.  Specific or broad based activities can require different beats to motivate your natural rythyms into sync.  Although many of these songs I don't particularly care for they will undoubtedly get your body in motion whether you want to or not. Knowing that I'm stuck in the 70's my preferred choices will be different. These songs are categorized by BPM, meaning Beats Per … (14 comments)

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