inventory: Everything Appears to be Pointing in the Right Direction - 12/11/18 01:08 PM
The Naples, Florida real estate market is looking quite spiffy for the third quarter. What have you've been reading about inventory? It's not happening here! Generally, the 4th quarter eases up somewhat then we come back like gangbusters after the first Monday in the New Year.
There's only one arrow which points downward here but it's acceptable because the trend shows less Days On Market which is favorable to
Buyers  &  Sellers

Infographic provided by Naples Area Board of REALTORS
(aka NABOR) and tells the whole story about Q3 in a nutshell. Just look at that run on Condos too, it's … (5 comments)

inventory: Of All of the Market Reports SUPPLY & DEMAND Tells the Best Story - 06/10/18 08:13 PM
Supply and demand easily shows where you've been and may offer some clarity to where Real Estate is moving. The information here is specific to Port Royal with quarterly statistics for the past three years. The trends are evident of positive movement toward a relatively balanced market in consideration of the small sampling whichPort Royal typically offers.
I'll let the chart and its data speak for themselves!
My only comment would be that 77 Homes for Sale in Port Royal could be approaching a new record if not the highest number I've seen here in a long time. It's going to be … (6 comments)

inventory: Trending for Townhomes & Condominiums in Jupiter, FL - 06/16/16 08:13 AM
There's much to be said about Condominium and Townhome life in South Florida. As Summer quickly approaches the number of lit high and mid rise units begin to diminish rapidly. That's because most of these 2nd & 3rd homeowners have either left for the season or soon will be. Inventory is up almost 60% year over year despite what you may have read or heard. Average sale prices are down by 14.4% during the first quarter while median prices saw a whopping 17.7% reduction. About one third of purchases are made via cash and with pending sales up by 56% the … (5 comments)

inventory: Trending for the Single Family Home in Jupiter, FL - 06/16/16 01:16 AM
It's HOT in Jupiter, Florida! Forget what you hear about inventory. Disregard what others say about high prices. Who says it's a Seller's market? You don't have to pay more than full asking price! Look at this graph and I'll show you what's happening here.
Sales (multiply by 10) = the number of homes sold each month which shows a low of 120 and hit its high last month of 200+ homes. This trend is not expected to continue.
Dollars (multiply by $10,000) =  while this line shows the median price heading down 6.5% from $400,000 we have an upside to our … (3 comments)

inventory: Jupiter, Florida ~ Single Family Home Inventory is Being Eaten Up - 05/15/16 01:15 PM
Residential inventory has drastically been reduced in Jupiter and Jupiter Farms since February. This goes deeper than the anticipated seasonal curtailment and is a paltry 52% of what it was a few short months ago. Supply and demand are working their magic on price which continues to rise.
Speaking of price our low comes in at $180,000 and soars to $19,900,000. The variety is staggering so there is still something out there for almost any Buyer. The bulk of choices are ranging from $300,000 to $900,000 which comprises 61% of current inventory.
One quarter of our inventory is priced at $1,200,000 and higher … (3 comments)

inventory: GET 'EM WHILE THEY'RE HOT! It Could Become Unbearable Soon! - 06/14/15 11:44 PM
The fact of the matter remains that we're running out of homes. The Jupiter area can't build them quick enough and even though it's not as if construction is slowing all good things take time to grow. The single family home numbers are under half of where they were a year ago and the condominium and townhome market aren't too much further behind. We have about 40 days of homes left as our temperatures creep into the 90's. The steady decline isn't a bad thing, however, if you've been wanting to make your move and don't have your airline reservation or … (11 comments)

inventory: From $10,000 to $84,500,000 We Have Homes Available for YOU - 06/14/15 05:57 AM
Our year over year inventory for May '15 is down more than 47% and typically will slide a little further as we enter Summer. The median price is up about 25% and the average price approaches the 50% mark year over year. These numbers are for the Single Family Home sector in Palm Beach County Florida. We're looking at 5,237 residences that have been experiencing days on market at their lowest point of the year, close to 40 days, which is half of our high in January of 79 DOM.
Palm Beach County is the 2nd largest in Florida after Collier County … (4 comments)

inventory: Market Time can be Described as Playing "Name That Tune" the Real Estate Version - 03/05/15 04:34 AM
Envision yourself and several other associates sitting around a large table at a customer's home that  you're all attempting to list. You've finished the compelling stories of why they should choose you to market their property and now it's time to get down to brass tacks. As in the game of Name That Tune you'll now have to put your money where your mouth is and vie for the quickest sale. The graph below has some pretty steep numbers. How low could you go given this range of time? When you consider that the average sold home price hovers above $5,000,000 … (35 comments)

inventory: Have NO Fear Neapolitans, Looks Can Be Deceiving - Market Trends - 01/03/14 12:40 AM
The use of graphs and statistics is a great way to show consumers where we've been and offer guidance to a sense of future direction.  Beauty is not necessarily in the eyes of the beholder though.  A quick glance at this graph might lead you to believe that our Naples real estate market is ready to implode once again.  A key to avoid this trap is to have as much historical data as possible to allay those fears.  Here is a slice of 2013 in all of its visual graphic glory:

Oh my, this looks horrible!  The sales prices are … (0 comments)

inventory: Median For Sale Price vs. Median Sold Price - Port Royal in Naples, FL - 07/30/13 01:28 PM
Port Royal is the pinnacle of waterfront neighborhoods in Naples.  Deep waterways allow for large yachts to access Naples Bay through Gordon Pass.  Immeditely to the North is Port Royal.  Days on market is in decline as inventory begins a summer hibernation.  Considering the asking prices and # of homes available the Sellers are remaining consistent for the most part.  When it comes to Solds, the offers are fewer and farther between.  Customers know that now is the time to visit Naples and enjoy some negotiating.  This condition will not last forever and much less so in Port Royal!     

inventory: Objectives, Standards,Summary & More - The Mid-year Audit - 07/29/13 02:51 PM
The goal this year is at 22% of projected closed sales volume at the midpoint.  This is not really of concern due to our seasonality.  The pipeline is filled with enough customers to exceed the anticipated annual goal.  Adjustments were made with regard to last years drop in volume and current conditions have improved to cover any pricing shortfall.  Availability remains the major issue with demand up and supply lower.  The second half of '13 is expected to improve even more so.  The seasonal nature of Naples real estate always makes the anticipated volume stall during the summer months.  During this … (5 comments)

inventory: As We Move Toward Q3 a Record Looms - New Monthly Listings Under 1K - 07/24/13 04:58 AM
We may soon go where no man has gone before (in Naples rel estate that is)!  Sounds daunting doesn't it.  There is a possibility that it will be just that too.  How are we going to combat the shortcomings?  The third quarter is almost always a tad slower time of the year and we'll hold on through it all and wonder what 2014 will bring.  We see activity build in mid-October then slide away from Thanksgiving to the middle of December.  To gauge our market properly leads us into Q1 with an onslaught of new listings as the season begins.  If … (4 comments)

inventory: Old Naples, Remnants of the Past We Cherish and Were Able to Survive - 07/14/13 05:26 AM
The Town of Naples was recognized in Florida by the 1880's.  Little more than a hundred years ago the population was a scant 34 full time residents and would blossom to over 80 in the winter months.  There began our vacation destination for the masses albeit to a much lesser degree than today.  

I so wish I had a Time Machine and visited during the first Florida real estate boom in the early 1900's.  Lots in Old Naples (new Naples then) were going for $10 a piece.  It astounds me that the survey was completed by 1886 and platted … (0 comments)

inventory: Supply & Demand in Naples, FL - Retirement Will Be Here in 34 Months - 07/06/13 02:41 AM
A lot of us subscribe to the philosophy of "REALTOR for Life" although it's understanding may be due for a change.  Originally conceived as way of providing superior service to your customers which leads them to never seek any other resource for their Real Estate needs.  In fact, you are so excellent in your endeavor that they tell family and friends all about your performance and they too become enthralled with your allegiance and unwavering dedication to their Realty needs.  Soon you have amassed an army of customers ready to conquer sales and purchases from village to towns to cities to towhships, … (4 comments)

inventory: Single Family Home Sales in Naples, FL ~ Still Some Equity to Be Had! - 07/04/13 11:44 PM
Here we have a decade plus of activity to demonstrate  how Naples survived and thrives since The Bubble. What is easily grasped is that the SFH is more affordable here than expected.  We have much more possibilities in the under $500,000 range than before.  New Construction continues to drive sales in many locations and established neighborhoods remain desirable.  Investor activity is down somewhat but know that without them playing the game previously we would not be looking at this recovery the same way.  I believe a new baseline was established after they had taken their profits.  It's fair to say that wherever … (0 comments)

inventory: If Your Home Isn't SELLING, It Usually Can Mean Only One Thing - PRICE - 06/26/13 04:54 AM
During the past two years or so all we've been hearing about for the most part is maintenance, upgrades & cleanliness as the factors you need to focus on to get your home sold.  In reality we know that after location it is PRICE that sells homes and the more of the aforementioned "details" you tend to the more "PRICE" you're gonna get.  
Inventory is flying off of our proverbial shelves and if your home remains on the shelf and you've brought it's condition up to snuff, there's only one thing left to do.  LOWER YOUR PRICE!  As long as … (6 comments)

inventory: Naples, FL - Setting Full Sales in Anticipation of Summer Doldrums - 06/26/13 01:54 AM
We are approaching an interesting time of year where the inventory coincides with our REALTOR membership and the sales approach the number of Real Estate offices it serves.  From the outside looking in many may see this as a detriment, however, know that our season was quite successful with both Sellers and Associates alike.  Buyers are and will continue to capture great values despite the overall uptick in prices.  Yesterday's news that home values have risen by 12% on average nationally bodes well for our continued recovery.
The concern here is the Year over Year figures for May.  The Sales … (2 comments)

inventory: The Naples Real Estate Tri-fecta, What's New, What Sold and How Much$ - 06/17/13 11:37 PM
It isn't surprising to see the Sold properties begin to overtake New Listings at this time of year and in this market.  However it will be of interest to monitor the  month of June totals when they become available.  Expect pricing to climb substanially although there could be some unanticipated sketchiness in the Sold and Listing activites.  It is likely that Listings will continue to drop off although not to any extreme just yet.  Sales are demonstrating their normal seasonal curtailment with over 350 since the first of June. 

 Whether you're looking to buy, build, rent or need a new … (2 comments)

inventory: How Do You Know When It's Time to Jump Off the Wagon and BUY or SELL? - 06/17/13 12:07 AM
Inventory is always going to be our main concern.  When media analysts look at the Real Estate market that's the area that they'll usually address first then it's on to pricing.  We're trending down a bit by maybe 350 listings per month although we remain well above our averages for the past 4 years, reaching 4,384 units for Q1 2013. 
  Factoring the price movements over the past four years along with the availability of product the Supply & Demand forecast is showing an upward trend.  Second quarter numbers are not yet in but as seen here the the … (0 comments)

inventory: The Naples, Florida Home Sales Report for the Past Year to May 1, 2013 - 06/02/13 10:36 AM
The information below represents an overview of the past years activity ending May 1st, 2013 and is believed to be accurate however it is not guaranteed.  Please contact your REALTOR for further clarification if necessary?
Price Range                2 Beds or Less   3 Beds        4 Beds       5 Beds     6+ Beds      Total Units         Pending
$0 - $49,999                        162     … (4 comments)

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