naples florida: Naples, Florida ~ Bring Your Boat & Your Golf Clubs, Here's Why! - 09/21/19 08:40 AM
Market Reports can be extremely boring although so, so reavealing!
These charts represent all property types in Naples, FL for the past 2 years except Co-ops, boat slips and time-shares. I show them because consumers need to understand the seasonality of our market. It is a picture of the typical movement we can expect for any given year excluding natural and man-made upheavels.chart. Be informed, stay informed!
Useful for both Buyers & Sellers you'll be able to know when it's time to strike. We are in what I would say is a BALANCED MARKET where the activity may be less frisky however this … (2 comments)

naples florida: Everything Appears to be Pointing in the Right Direction - 12/11/18 01:08 PM
The Naples, Florida real estate market is looking quite spiffy for the third quarter. What have you've been reading about inventory? It's not happening here! Generally, the 4th quarter eases up somewhat then we come back like gangbusters after the first Monday in the New Year.
There's only one arrow which points downward here but it's acceptable because the trend shows less Days On Market which is favorable to
Buyers  &  Sellers

Infographic provided by Naples Area Board of REALTORS
(aka NABOR) and tells the whole story about Q3 in a nutshell. Just look at that run on Condos too, it's … (5 comments)

naples florida: Condominiums vs. Single Family Homes, It Pays To Be Choosy! - 01/30/14 09:26 PM
The type of home you prefer is a matter of choice although looking at them from an investment perspective brings a tighter focus.  There are similarities to a Gaussian Bell when analyzed.  Lopping off the extremes within your search can save both time & money.  The idea that Naples is a 2nd home market is true although there has been a shift to more permanency here in recent years.  Investors sometimes have trouble with real estate due to its liquidity or lack thereof but most major "players" have real property in their portfolios.   They may not have earned their wealth … (6 comments)

naples florida: If Not For The Water Would We Have Been Able To Come This Far? - 01/29/14 02:11 PM
Nearly 40% of Americans live within 50 miles of our coastlines.  The expectation is that by 2020 that number may be as high as 50%.  Next you have to understand this part of our population is occupying a scant 10% of our Country's total land area (excluding Alaska) and the picture quickly develops.  The attraction is quite natural when we consider that adult men are comprised of 60%, women about 55% and babies are super wet with 3/4 of their weight being water.  
Historically, if it weren't for water, some civilizations may never have existed.  That was the mode of … (0 comments)

naples florida: What's Happened in Royal Harbor These Past 15,465,600 Seconds? A Lot! - 01/28/14 05:51 AM
Sale prices are climbing in Royal Harbor and rightly so.  Previously I had called this neighborhood of approximately 400 waterfront single family homes a Sleeping Giant.  Try not to hit that snooze button one too many times.  There's a lot of stirring in and about the neighborhood but some grogginess remains.  It is truly a boater's haven with decent water depth for sailboats and cruisers up to the 45' range in some locations.
Walk or bike to downtown which is probably less than 2 miles away.  Head out to the Gulf and fuel up at Hamilton Harbor before you leave the Gordon … (0 comments)

naples florida: "THE TOURIST$ ARE COMING, THE TOURIST$ ARE COMING" - 01/27/14 11:27 PM
Much of Florida relies on the ability to accommodate vacationers in a fashion which can be enjoyed nowhere else in the U.S. during the winter months.  Global warming aside, the season has seen unlikely and extreme weather for most of the country.  What was it in Fargo, ND yesterday?  A wind chill of -60 Fahrenheit, while today we're expecting to be over 80 degrees.  It's no wonder why people want to escape to South & Southwest Florida at this time of year.  
Our temporary population growth can leave vacationers in a lurch when the rest of the nation is experiencing sub-zero weather conditions. … (4 comments)

naples florida: Have a Piece of The Naples Real Estate Pie, New Taste and 20% Larger - 01/27/14 06:05 AM
There's a little piece of Paradise Pie for everyone these days and it looks as if the trend will continue.  All of the slices have grown in either inventory, price or both.  Here are a couple of the extremes we find here with what is available as of right now.  The largest home is a 12,050 SQ. FT. condominium and the smallest is a 250 SQ. FT. 1/1 getaway condo.  We cater to all wallet sizes too from $25,000 for a manufactured 2 bedroom home to a 6,000+ square foot single family home asking $19,900,000.  
Asking prices are one thing, however, … (0 comments)

naples florida: Could This Be Naples Only Day of Winter Weather? It's Possible! - 01/06/14 10:29 PM
We may not be the HOT SPOT of the country today but we are close to it.  Days like this could well represent the worst that Old Man Winter has to offer us.  It certainly is a widespread Artic blast all around the nation.  I can empathize with the past weekend of sub-zero temps having been in -60 degree weather before.  Funny thing is that it was of my own choosing to do that.  Being prepared to accept it is quite different from it being thrust upon you with or without warning.  I am welcoming the fact that I need only … (6 comments)

naples florida: 2014 Could Be Off to a Bumpy Start Here, Two Quick Looks at the Past - 12/27/13 12:15 AM
There can be much suspense in the Real Estate business!  Wouldn't you agree that that is what makes it such an interesting undertaking at times?  Sometimes the thought of being a salesperson for "Slinky" comes to mind as an ultimate choice.    I must clarify that and be specific about the original Slinky only.  Not a miniaturized version or plastic variety, but the original metal unretouched piston ring derived toy.
Our product variety can be endless and approach millions of varying styles, sizes and colors in thousands of differing locations.  There's never any boredom with that, right?
At years end I … (5 comments)

naples florida: Naples, FL Median Sale Prices at Their Highest Since '09 - 12/22/13 11:57 PM

naples florida: Is ROYAL HARBOR the Sleeping Giant of Naples Waterfront Real Estate? - 08/01/13 11:21 PM
Naples Bay divides Royal Harbor from both Aqualane Shores and Port Royal.  Some might think that they're miles apart but the reality is not much more than a thousand feet of water separates them.  At one point Port Royal is only 500 feet away.  Granted, the lots are slightly smaller and so are many of the homes but if you come to Naples with your only thought to be on the water and enjoy the boating life Royal Harbor may be the best value.  
Here's what happened there in recent times from a real estate perspective.  January 2013 saw the … (18 comments)

naples florida: Median For Sale Price vs. Median Sold Price - Port Royal in Naples, FL - 07/30/13 01:28 PM
Port Royal is the pinnacle of waterfront neighborhoods in Naples.  Deep waterways allow for large yachts to access Naples Bay through Gordon Pass.  Immeditely to the North is Port Royal.  Days on market is in decline as inventory begins a summer hibernation.  Considering the asking prices and # of homes available the Sellers are remaining consistent for the most part.  When it comes to Solds, the offers are fewer and farther between.  Customers know that now is the time to visit Naples and enjoy some negotiating.  This condition will not last forever and much less so in Port Royal!     

naples florida: As We Move Toward Q3 a Record Looms - New Monthly Listings Under 1K - 07/24/13 04:58 AM
We may soon go where no man has gone before (in Naples rel estate that is)!  Sounds daunting doesn't it.  There is a possibility that it will be just that too.  How are we going to combat the shortcomings?  The third quarter is almost always a tad slower time of the year and we'll hold on through it all and wonder what 2014 will bring.  We see activity build in mid-October then slide away from Thanksgiving to the middle of December.  To gauge our market properly leads us into Q1 with an onslaught of new listings as the season begins.  If … (4 comments)

naples florida: Give 'em a Mile & They'll Take a Mile, Foot for a Foot, Inch by Inch - 07/23/13 12:58 PM
Naples appears to have a wider disparity between asking price and the closed sale price than many other municipalities.  There's nothing wrong with the graph shown here, only that there is some congruency between the attitudes of Buyers and Sellers.  Things would be kind of boring if the trend lines remained parallel at let's say an 11 or 12% differential.  Do you ever wonder what a normal, or should I say anticipated, healthy discrepancy should be?  The adage of Buy Low and Sell High is on the minds of Buyers constantly.  What phrase best dscribes the Seller's position in this regard? … (0 comments)

naples florida: The Moorings, a Perfect Place for Both Mariner and Landlubber Alike! - 07/19/13 06:38 AM
Whether it's beach, boating, golf or shopping, you can't go wrong in The Moorings".  Choose from almost any style of home here.  You can find a beach & bay view high rise condominium with or without a boat slip to single family homes bordering a beautifully manicured golf course and club.  Singles, low, mid and high rises surround the protected waters of Moorings Bay.  Access to the Gulf of Mexico takes you through Doctors Pass.  The Moorings also has a private, community beach area with pavillion available to all member residents.  A large parking lot assures that everyone can enjoy Naples' … (6 comments)

naples florida: Blink Once and You May Miss Coquina Sands, So Keep Your Eyes Wide Open - 07/19/13 06:22 AM
Tucked in between Olde Naples and The Moorings you'll find Coquina Sands.  It's a relatively small neighborhood of roughly 270 homes.  You want boating, it's here.  You need the beach, that's here too!  Don't care for either, you're covered also.  With it's winding streets and tree canpies shading almost the entire neighborhood it's no wonder that residents rarely wish to leave.

View Larger Map
Just 15 single homes sold here in the past year along with 33 condominiums.  The beachfront is dotted with low, mid and high rise buildings although none which are more than nine stories.  This allows the setting … (0 comments)

naples florida: The Pricing Pinwheel of Sold Property in Naples .FL Phis Past Year - 07/17/13 11:04 PM
As of today we've marched through 9,376 sales, more than any year in our history.  All segments of the pie continue to sweeten for the Sellers.  Reduced inventory continues to bring the Buyers and their competitive spirit to the forefront.  These "Pinwheel' reports started as a curiosity and this is it's 4th SOLD's edition.  If you aren't familiar with what you're seeing, each segment represents approximately one quarter of the whole.  In this instance, it's as close to 2,344 units per section as the statistics will allow.   The extremes haven't changed and include a $7,000.00 2/1 condominium having 720 square feet.  The vintage 4,300+ square foot 1920's … (0 comments)

naples florida: Supply & Demand in Naples, FL - Retirement Will Be Here in 34 Months - 07/06/13 02:41 AM
A lot of us subscribe to the philosophy of "REALTOR for Life" although it's understanding may be due for a change.  Originally conceived as way of providing superior service to your customers which leads them to never seek any other resource for their Real Estate needs.  In fact, you are so excellent in your endeavor that they tell family and friends all about your performance and they too become enthralled with your allegiance and unwavering dedication to their Realty needs.  Soon you have amassed an army of customers ready to conquer sales and purchases from village to towns to cities to towhships, … (4 comments)

naples florida: Condominium Sales Record New Highs, But Not Necessarily in Price - 07/04/13 11:44 PM
It took almost a decade to return to the number of sales we achieved before The Bubble.  What is easily grasped is that the pricing has not exactly following suit.  As REALTORS, we know how the climb rose so drastically however many may be unaware.  Whereas the rise and fall between '03 and '05 was essentially spurred by Buyers able to jump into the housing market through unbelievable terms and a glut of new construction made available by the many Builders riding the same bandwagon.  Our nearly meteoric rise from the HOLE in '08 to 2010 came about by a flood … (4 comments)

naples florida: Single Family Home Sales in Naples, FL ~ Still Some Equity to Be Had! - 07/04/13 11:44 PM
Here we have a decade plus of activity to demonstrate  how Naples survived and thrives since The Bubble. What is easily grasped is that the SFH is more affordable here than expected.  We have much more possibilities in the under $500,000 range than before.  New Construction continues to drive sales in many locations and established neighborhoods remain desirable.  Investor activity is down somewhat but know that without them playing the game previously we would not be looking at this recovery the same way.  I believe a new baseline was established after they had taken their profits.  It's fair to say that wherever … (0 comments)

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