survival: Think Thin Thursday ~ Add Some Play into Your Work for Mind & Body - 04/21/19 05:19 AM
When I talk about "small changes" having huge benefits it isn't limited to our physical bodies. They will improve or as a minimum bring the potential to impove every aspect of our lives and quite possibly the lives of those around us. Dance & music were the original means of comminication for humans and second to survival their use carved specific traits of the diverse cultures we have observed since the Dawn of Man. This shall never change so let's mix it up a bit shall we? 
"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."
- Unknown 1659 (est.)
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survival: Oh, Bee Hive Baby! - 06/03/18 01:28 PM

Saturday began as normal until I went to make some coffee. I thought the landscapers were already at work since several days of rain kept them from their usual schedule. I didn't see them but it sounded like their equipment was right outside the kitchen window. Scanning the area there was no sign of them. The droning noise of a mower, blower or weed whacker was close, however, its source remained unseen.

The honey bees were everywhere once I took a look into the tree. I had only seen a hive like this on TV before and it was fascinating to watch … (9 comments)

survival: In Honor of Shark Week It's Shark Day in AR - Shark Flavored Puppy Chow? - 08/09/13 01:14 AM
This puppy hasn't yet learned the ropes.  Sharks come in all shapes and sizes but generally are easily recognozed with a minimal of training.  Real Estate can be that way for new associates and or the uninitiated too.  This guy learned early on that messing with the sharks is not a good way to begin and regurgitated the foulness with a little help from friends.  They're out there and it's a good idea to align yourself with them before trying to swim the oceans on your own.  More to come throughout the day. ENJOY! 


survival: Today in 1942, Anne Frank Receives a Diary for Her Birthday - 06/12/13 01:16 AM
During the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, Anne Frank received a diary as one of the presents for her 13th birthday.  Two days later she began writing in it, twenty two days before the families went into hiding.  They remained undetected until August 1944 when they were betrayed.   Anne died of typhus in March 1945, just 2 weeks before the British libererated the other prisoners held at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.  Various editions of "The Diary of a Young Girl" have been written.  Read one, any one?    

survival: How IPhones Can Hurt You If You're Not Careful - A Warning That's Real - 02/20/13 04:41 PM
iPhones and situational awareness do not seem to go hand in hand these days.  As Realtors these phones are a major tool for both our business and personal use.  The problem has now become so intense that thieves are grabbing them right out of our hands while we're using them.  Many cities are reporting this epidemic because the victims have been so severely beaten that it has now made it's national presence known.  
We hear that iPhone 5's can garner as much as $300.00 for these criminals.  Age is a huge factor when determining which person will be the best … (26 comments)

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