think thin thursday: Think Thin Thursday ~ Always be Cautious or You Just Might Get What You Wish For - 05/30/19 07:34 AM
Fitness is a booming industry! Billions of dollars spent each year in America alone and what's even more surprising is that adults 18 to 65 spend on average about $155 per month on their fitness. It appears that no one in this Country is taking the adage of aging gracefully to heart.
Gym Rats can attest to the fact that any semblance of new equipment that enters those doors is going to garner a lot of scrutiny. It is the home equipment market that tugs on the novices strings or more appropriately their wallets and pocketbooks. Where dollars roam so shall … (5 comments)

think thin thursday: Think Thin Thursday ~ What I Learned from My Cat about Working Out - 04/17/19 09:40 PM
Throughout the whole Think Thin series the general theme is that we must all exercise in order to enjoy a healthier, longer life. We must fuel ourselves with nutrient rich fruits and vegetables and be sure we get enough protein in our diets. We have Paleo diets, Vegan diets, Vegetarian diets, Keto, Atkins and probably hundreds more. I cannot say that one is better than the other because each does for the body what that consumer desires apparently.  Eating is a part of life we can't do without, water is also an essential for proper body function.
When it comes to exercise, … (13 comments)

think thin thursday: Think Thin Thursday ~ Get to the Core with Medicine Balls - 01/31/19 06:50 AM
Today we're going to jump right to the heart of the matter. Whether you call them fitness, med or medicine balls you should give them a try. Either alone or in a group they can be the primary exercise tool or an addition to finish off a workout and also an excellent warm-up too.
You'll find the medicine ball to be quite versatile. The normal ball today resembles a basketball and typically weighs about 12 pounds. DON'T KICK THEM! They can have diameters between 8 and 18 inches and weigh anywhere from 2 to 25 pounds. Usually their weight is shown as  … (8 comments)

think thin thursday: Think Thin Thursday ~ What Your Scale Says to YOU May be a Lie - 01/17/19 09:34 AM
So many things can be untrue when your diet revolves around hopping on the scale once or more per day. What you're wearing, what you ate, how much you drink, the kind of food consumed and even the time of day can affect that silly number. When it does appear your whole day can be put on a cloud when it's less or drive you through hell for seeing more.
I remember being in the office one day when "the ladies" were talking about their successes and failures regarding weight loss. My belief was that 5 or 6 of them had joined … (9 comments)

think thin thursday: Think Thin Thursday ~ Beginner's "Bodyweight Fitness" Fun - 01/16/19 08:21 PM
Why do I like BODYWEIGHT FITNESS?  Because it's a NO EXCUSES workout! 
Anywhere you have gravity and enough room to fit your body standing and prone is all that you need to begin. Each exercise should take between 30 and 60 seconds to complete. If you cannot continue after only 10 seconds that's okay too. Just move on to the next exercise and try again on your next workout day This isn't a competition, however, it may feel somewhat familiar to you as the calisthenics we did back in grade school. The only thing lacking are your classmates and friends laughing, … (5 comments)

think thin thursday: Think Thin Thursday ~ New Year, New Body, Begin in the Middle - 01/10/19 03:06 AM
     An interesting fact about New Year resolutions is that by January 12th 92% of them have already been broken. I will make several resolutions throughout the year although the 1st of January is never their beginning date for me. The theory that you need repetition for 30 days to have anything become a habit has now been scientifically proved to occur physiologically in only 21 days. Therefore, what are we waiting for, let's get started.
     Why do I say begin in the middle? I want to address your core. It's where your movement and power is generated. Every twist and … (15 comments)

think thin thursday: Think Thin Thursday ~ Zero Calorie Overnight French Toast Casserole - 12/26/18 08:11 PM
C'mon Readers, There's No Such Thing!
Are you still enjoying the holidays? We've got a few more days of recklessness where dieting & nutrition are concerned.  Have you had your fill yet?

Delicious French Toast Casserole with cinnamon, vanilla and a secret ingredient that's about as healthy as french toast can get while still being a fast and easy breakfast to feed a crowd.  Prep Time 10 minutes Cook Time 35 minutes Total Time 45 minutes Ingredients 1 large loaf brioche bread (Challah or Italian works also) 6 large eggs 1 cup milk (almond milk with vanilla is good too) 1/2 cup … (9 comments)

think thin thursday: Think Thin Thursday ~ It Doesn't Matter Where You Go, There You Are - 12/14/18 12:47 PM
After hearing "if only" a thousand times or more in my life I've come to the conclusion some people don't want to change because they might be scared that they'll have nothing to talk to others about. Nothing could be farther from the truth. No preaching today, no nutrition facts & no cardio tips. Inside you will be the same person you've always been, however, if you wish to change the outside know that that person is always waiting to come greet you once you decide to free them. The young lady in this video has done an excellent and unique … (8 comments)

think thin thursday: Think Thin Thursday ~ More Pumping Iron and the Use of Drop Sets - 11/29/18 09:01 AM
Last week we touched on the subject of incorporating "Negatives" into your workout routines. Now I want to touch on, or should I say un-touch, some of the weight you've been lifting. Essentially DROP SETS are a way to give you a fantastic pump while on their way to humbling you at the gym. A preferred way to do this is with two assistants who can smoothly extract weight from the bar or machine at the beginning point of the rep and at the exact moment you reach failure and cannot do one more rep at that previous weight. Upon your … (5 comments)

think thin thursday: Think Thin Thursday ~ Could There Be any Worse Time to Discuss Fasting - 11/15/18 10:48 AM
Before the fasting begins I want to let all Think Thin Thursday followers know that Thanksgiving Day will not contain a related post for obvious reasons. Enjoy your feasts!
I might have had some help with this subject beginning 50 or so years ago. You see, my Grandmother (RIP) was a nutritionist and she taught me how to cook, what to consume, how much and how little to eat and serve. I have to thank her every day since my Mom barely knows how to boil water. My Grandma and I spent a lot of time together from my formative early years … (7 comments)

think thin thursday: Think Thin Thursday ~ Little Time, No Money, Big Results - 10/18/18 02:52 AM
Yes, it has come down to this! I have to finally give away the farm. From time to time in my Think Thin posts I may type the word you in all caps. There's a reason for that. When any change is made to any of our life functions they usually have to begin with YOU. See the difference? In several or individually any of the ideas, concepts, advice or workouts in this Think Thin Series will bring about change in your life by implementing them. Any of them!
Has ayome here ever heard the name Arnold Schwarzenegger? I can't remember where … (12 comments)

think thin thursday: Think Thin Thursday ~ Biohackers Unite to Help You Through the Daze - 09/12/18 09:07 PM
Android users have nearly four million apps to choose from while Apple fans are at about half of that with two million. Those numbers lead me to believe that these miniaturized programs are here to stay. I've chosen some that are actually useful and will get you in gear for a healthier self.
My issue of late has been getting a good night's sleep. 5 hours in total would be good but I'd prefer more than 7 if possible. Experimentation began a couple of weeks ago with melatonin. Due to other prescriptions I asked a few of my Doctors what they thought … (5 comments)

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