working out: Think Thin Thursday ~ Uh Oh, Now I've Done IT - 11/14/19 08:46 AM
That's right, I've done it and there's not a darn thng you can do about it either. In a weak moment after retrieving some snail mail I spotted it. An extra large purple post card with huge numbers centered on its face, they were a 25 and a 10, representing twenty five cents down and $10 a month. Welcome to The Judgement Free Zone aka Planet Fitness. How could I go wrong?
This is one third the cost of local gyms and they're "old" like me! I had started peeking around about a year ago and had all my research complete. Price … (10 comments)

working out: Think Thin Thursday ~ Start by Doing What's Possible - 10/17/19 04:28 AM
I will usually write about nutrition and very basic exercises that are easy to do properly and with little possibility of injury. It has been my observation during the past 30 to 40 years of this kind of physicality which inspired many more females to test their boundaries and push through many which were somehow stunted through public perceptions. It's a stigma that has not daunted these women when removing those unnatural barriers and supposed limitations.
Most of the videos I find are more sexist than performance oriented which is sad, however, this one covers a lot of territory and shows what … (10 comments)

working out: Think Thin Thursday ~ No Sweat, No Problem - 09/19/18 12:44 PM
Florida is beginning to cool off! Well, not exactly, but indicators are showing that our Summer heat is beginning to wane. Temperatures in the upper 80's to low 90's almost daily and diminishing rainfall tells us that we have about 30 more days of heat at our doors. After that it'll cool down to a slightly more comfortable mid 80 average. I really don't care to hear  people say that you'll get used to it because I don't and haven't for the more than half of my life that I've lived here. Would I want to be anywhere else? No way!
For … (5 comments)

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