bathroom update: 16 Common Types of Bathrooms - 02/06/24 02:52 PM
The goal of remodeling your bathroom is to create a room that not only serves a useful purpose but also showcases your unique style and improves the overall appearance of your house. The kind of bathroom that is chosen is crucial to this makeover. From modern to Victorian, 3Rs Construction & Remodeling in Salem, Oregon, offers experience and imagination to guide you through the many bathroom styles. This guide delves into 16 different types of bathrooms, providing advice and ideas to help you decide which style is best for you while you remodel.
1. Contemporary Bathroom Elegance Characteristics: This style of bathroom … (4 comments)

bathroom update: Signs That Your Bathroom Plumbing Needs Updated - 10/31/23 02:35 PM
A broken restroom is one of the few things that can spoil your morning. Your mood can be immediately affected by unexpected cold water bursts, a leaking toilet, or a leaky sink. Similar to an excellent parent, it can be effortless to overlook the significant benefits of having a fully functional bathroom until a minor issue arises. It's easy to replace your bathroom plumbing, though, and there are a few simple indicators that it's time to start considering an update, unlike a wonderful parent.
Learn about the distinct symptoms that your pipes are worn out and can no longer handle all … (6 comments)

bathroom update: What Bathroom Style Fits You? - 08/16/23 01:19 PM
Americans spend an average of 600 hours a year in their bathrooms, which equals nearly a month or 98 minutes per day. If you're going to be spending so much time in a room, make sure it's right for you. Bathrooms, fortunately, are one of the most adaptable spaces in your home, with several possibilities ranging from fixtures and showers to tiling and lighting. We created this guide to assist you in determining which bathroom style best suits your needs and personal tastes so that you can plan your bathroom restoration project.
  The Essentials: Fixtures and Features for Your Bathroom … (1 comments)

bathroom update: How to Choose Your Lighting for a Bathroom Remodel - 04/29/23 01:34 PM
Have you made any changes to your bathroom in the last seven to ten years? Perhaps you intend to do a bathroom remodel in the near future. It's probable that you're overlooking one of the most critical aspects of your home improvement project: bathroom lighting.
A qualified bathroom remodel contractor will inform you that proper lighting in your bathroom is used for both illumination and mood enhancement. When combined with the availability of natural sunshine, the space size, and the chosen color or theme, the type and placement of lighting are key factors of interior design.
Goals of Bathroom Lighting The bathroom, … (4 comments)

bathroom update: 4 Ideas for Your Bathroom Tub Shower Conversion - 04/29/23 12:39 PM
One of the best remodeling projects you can undertake to improve your bathroom and your home, in general, is a tub-to-shower conversion. This type of update will make your bathroom more modern and improve its looks greatly.
Converting your bathtub into a walk-in shower will also improve the functionality of your bathroom. Showers have several significant advantages over traditional bathtubs.
Any bathroom remodeling project involves a financial investment in your home and will take at least a few weeks to complete. So you want to make certain that the switch from a tub to a shower is worthwhile.
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bathroom update: Stylish Bathroom Remodeling Ideas - 03/05/23 02:25 PM
One of the most popular home improvement tasks is remodeling a bathroom. In reality, the bathroom is the home's most frequently renovated space. More than 14 million bathrooms are reportedly renovated by residents each year.
So, when you decide to remodel your bathroom, it's likely you want to improve its functionality and quality. However, you'll also want to add your own flair and distinctive style to this home remodeling job. Like any other room in the home, a remodel should incorporate your favorite motif as well as colors and shapes that represent your personal style.
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bathroom update: 4 Steps to Remodel A Bathroom On A Budget - 10/13/20 09:49 AM
Get A New Bathroom Without Breaking the Bank
If your bathroom is looking tired and out-of-date, chances are you’re dreaming of a new room with all the bells and whistles!  Like most homeowners, the first thought for any remodel project is, “I wonder how much THAT is going to cost?”
Well, never fear! You can get an update even with a small budget.
Let’s walk through some basic steps to get you on your way.
STEP ONE:  Be Realistic
It’s important to know your boundaries. Nothing takes the joy out of an update than when everything gets out of hand, so evaluate these three important things … (3 comments)

bathroom update: 5 Ways to Save Big On Your Bathroom Remodel - 10/07/20 10:46 AM
Get Started Now on Remodeling Your Bathroom
The weather is about to turn, and we will all be confined indoors again making now the perfect time to remodel or add a bathroom to your home. Here are five ways to save big on a bathroom remodel, don’t miss the bonus suggestion at the end…
Plan Ahead: A question we get asked all the time, “When is the best time to start?” Of course, your lifestyle and schedule have a lot to do with when it is the best time to remodel your bathrooms. If you want to save a few dollars I recommend … (3 comments)