home contractor: Why You Should Update Your Kitchen Plumbing - 12/05/23 05:57 PM
The kitchen is the center of daily activity in every home. This area sees countless occasions, from family dinners to morning coffees. However, the unseen hero that works behind the scenes to keep this essential area running smoothly is sometimes forgotten: the kitchen plumbing. Updating and maintaining kitchen plumbing, the lifeblood of your culinary paradise, is not only a practical necessity but also an essential step in safeguarding the central component of your house. Updating your kitchen plumbing is essential, regardless of whether your goal is to completely remodel the kitchen or make sure no expensive repairs slip through.
Three Indications Your … (1 comments)

home contractor: What Bathroom Style Fits You? - 08/16/23 01:19 PM
Americans spend an average of 600 hours a year in their bathrooms, which equals nearly a month or 98 minutes per day. If you're going to be spending so much time in a room, make sure it's right for you. Bathrooms, fortunately, are one of the most adaptable spaces in your home, with several possibilities ranging from fixtures and showers to tiling and lighting. We created this guide to assist you in determining which bathroom style best suits your needs and personal tastes so that you can plan your bathroom restoration project.
  The Essentials: Fixtures and Features for Your Bathroom … (1 comments)

home contractor: How to Choose the Best Concrete Contractor for Your Project - 04/15/23 03:19 PM
Perhaps you want to build a backyard patio or a walkway around your property. For whatever type of outside restoration you intend to conduct, you will need to engage a concrete contractor.
When it comes to choosing the best concrete contractor for your outdoor living or outdoor kitchen project, there is a lot at risk. You'll want to be certain that the concrete is done correctly before spending any further money to construct on top of it. You've probably heard the expression "if the foundation is bad, nothing you build on it will last." It is critical to have complete confidence … (4 comments)

home contractor: How to Find the Best Contractor to Build your Addition - 04/15/23 02:32 PM
Whether you want to add a master suite, a guest room, a home office, or a full ADU (accessory dwelling unit), hiring the best Salem addition contractor is important to the success of your home renovation project.
Even the most complex and involved additions renovation projects are not always as difficult as locating a qualified contractor who will perform to a high standard. When you think about it, spending thousands of dollars on a significant home remodel without knowing how it will turn out is a big risk. You also want to avoid making costly mistakes.
There are numerous horror stories … (1 comments)

home contractor: Why Radon is Dangerous - 03/16/23 06:37 PM
Imagine thousands of bees living directly beneath your house. Some manage to squeeze through the gaps in your base. You still have a good chance of avoiding being struck. However, the longer you remain in their vicinity, the greater the likelihood that you will be bitten. Always keep in mind that more are arriving daily.
Imagine for a moment that those bees are silent and undetectable. You can't just dismiss them. Is that worrisome to you? It should be.
It is not the same as getting an accidental sting when it comes to radon. Death and lung disease are your enemies. … (3 comments)

home contractor: Save Money When Renovating Your Bathroom or Kitchen - 02/21/23 11:55 AM
If you're a typical homeowner, there's a decent chance that you'll be considering remodeling your kitchen or bathroom soon. One of the most frequently renovated rooms is the bathroom. Bathroom renovations are typical for homeowners to do every four to five years. Kitchen renovations are also very popular and often done every 10 to 15 years.
You might be inspired to add new features, try a novel theme, spruce up the space with imaginative color pops, or simply give your bathroom or kitchen a standout look. The value of your property may increase dramatically if you renovate your kitchen or bathroom.
Yet, the … (4 comments)

home contractor: 4 Most Popular Siding Installation Options - 02/15/23 05:02 PM
Your siding plays a significant part in both the protection of your home and its aesthetic value, even if you probably don't see it much other than when you turn into your driveway.
Your property gets a shell of protection from the elements thanks to siding. This enhances curb appeal. Additionally, siding raises the value of your house.
There is a strong possibility you are considering one or more of the following four siding kinds if you are in the market for new siding or will be soon.
Composite Plywood (T1-11) Brick/Stone Vinyl Because of their resistance to our humid climate, brick, synthetic … (2 comments)

home contractor: Why Remodeling During a Recession is a Great Idea - 02/15/23 03:49 PM
If we are currently experiencing a recession, the financial experts can't seem to agree. However, rising prices for goods and services, a sharp increase in the price of gasoline, and consecutive quarters of economic contraction in the United States suggest that a recession is most certainly already under way.
So, it makes sense that you would want to limit your personal spending. During recessions, like the one we seem to be in right now, living within your means is even more crucial.
What about though, home remodeling? Given all the bad news about the economy, is it wise to invest your hard-earned money … (3 comments)

home contractor: Cost to Have a Garage Built or Remodeled - 02/10/23 05:07 PM
You could just consider your garage to be a location to put your cars and keep things. But as house sharing and home offices continue to gain popularity, it turns out that people who are converting their garages receive greater value.
These days, homeowners often transform their garages into amusement areas, gathering spaces for guests, or even sizable master suites. As more individuals run out of accessible space in their hectic lifestyles, it appears that homeowners are thinking more about how their garages may give them a useful room addition.
Buyers are aware of the value of a garage. In accordance with an … (8 comments)

home contractor: Adding Solar to Your Home - Cutting Through the Hype - 02/10/23 04:23 PM
Oregon is regarded as a state that values the environment. Therefore, it should not be surprising that renewable energy sources are widely used in this country.
About 776,000 MWh, or 1.2 percent, of Oregon's electricity, was produced by utility-scale, industrial, and domestic solar in 2018, ranking it 18th among all states. In fact, between 2015 and 2019, Oregon solar increased by more than five times.
Solar energy is one of the clean energy sources with the highest growth in the United States. This expansion is particularly true for solar energy used in homes. In fact, since 2014, the amount of solar energy produced … (2 comments)

home contractor: Renovate Your Home or Move? - 02/08/23 03:04 PM
The choice of a home to purchase is influenced by numerous factors. After some time, though, those requirements might have altered or the home you purchased might not be meeting your standards. It can be because your family is expanding, there isn't enough room for those who work from home, or you're simply dissatisfied with the house as it is right now.
In these situations, homeowners have two choices: renovating the house to make it more suitable or looking for a new house that can be everything they've ever wanted and more. Your decision-making process will depend on a variety of personal … (5 comments)

home contractor: Converting a Garage into Additional Living Space - 02/08/23 02:42 PM
Have you outgrown the available living space in your house? Perhaps you'd like an entertainment room or game room, but your home doesn't work for such things. Perhaps you want a guest room, a kid's room, or a home office so you can take care of family concerns and work at the same time. Simply said, this additional area doesn't work with your current floor layout.
This is the time when you could convert your garage into more living space. One major benefit of a garage conversion is that you may add extra space to your home in an unobtrusive, quick, and … (5 comments)

home contractor: Advice for Relocating Into a House Needing Major Renovations - 01/31/23 03:31 PM
Purchasing a home that requires renovations has benefits, without a doubt. Frequently, you might get a better property for your money or a decent house in a desirable area. For purchasers without a down payment or a strong credit history, fixer-uppers also provide a route to homeownership.
Many people buy houses that require work. Americans purchased 6.4 million existing homes in November 2021, and 64,000 of those (about 1%) were considered "distressed." These houses undoubtedly required some upkeep.
Purchasing a "fixer-upper" raises the question of whether you should move in before the work is finished.
Many people would suggest that you put off moving … (2 comments)

home contractor: Top 4 Reasons to Install New Insulation - 01/31/23 03:06 PM
Many possible advantages that could enhance your quality of life come with installing new insulation in your home. Additionally, installing new insulation can reduce noise pollution so you can live in peace and quiet, save you a lot of money on energy costs, and enhance your health by reducing the formation of mold in your home.
If maintaining good health, conserving resources, and showcasing the beauty of your house are among your priorities as a homeowner, now might be the ideal time to think about installing new insulation.
The installation of fresh insulation is warranted for a number of main reasons.
1) Energy Savings … (2 comments)

home contractor: 13 Things You Can Do To Make It Someone’s Lucky Day! - 04/13/18 11:46 AM
It’s Friday the 13th!Who says it can’t be the best day of the month? Make it a great day by thinking of others.
13 Great Ideas from 3Rs Construction: Call a friend or relative you haven’t spoken with for a long time. Take dinner to a family with a new baby. Shop for a neighbor who can’t get to the store. Bring pet food to your local animal shelter. Donate warm winter clothes to a homeless shelter. Pay for the drink of the person behind you in line at the coffee shop. Bring a bag of groceries to a local food bank. … (2 comments)

home contractor: 3Rs Construction at IBS Orlando 2018 - 01/26/18 01:05 PM
A team from 3Rs Construction in Salem, Oregon went to Orlando, Florida to attend the NAHB International Builders' Show (IBS) in January 2018. The show is GIGANTIC! Seeing it all is impossible but it is exciting, informative, and an opportunity to see what's new. As a home contractor, we found much to bring back with us to enhance our skills of Repair, Remodel, and Remediation. Take a look and see just a small glimpse of our trip to IBS 2018!
by Janell Schomus for 3Rs Construction Management LLC