home maintenance: How to Prevent & Detect Water Leaks in Your Home - 03/25/24 12:05 PM
In order to keep your family safe and healthy, as a homeowner, you need to know how to spot and stop water leaks. If left uncontrolled, water leaks can pose a health danger in addition to destroying your home's structural integrity. Your plumbing systems, roof, and foundation are common places to experience leaks, particularly in bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. Preventive measures and prompt discovery are essential for avoiding water damage and protecting your household.
Recognizing Water Leaks and Their EffectsBoth small and large water leaks can have a serious impact on the safety and structural integrity of your house. Home maintenance requires … (2 comments)

home maintenance: Should I Upgrade or Repair My Fireplace? - 12/28/23 02:47 PM
A fireplace, the focal point of many houses, not only offers warmth but also gives any area a hint of character and coziness. An attractive and useful fireplace becomes even more important in Salem, Oregon, a lovely city where the changing of the seasons creates a crisp atmosphere. For any home improvement project, 3Rs Construction & Remodeling in Salem can assist, whether you want to install a new fireplace or restore an old one!
Should I Upgrade or Repair My Fireplace?A modern, well-kept fireplace can greatly improve the atmosphere of your entire house. When determining whether to improve or repair your fireplace … (4 comments)

home maintenance: Every Kitchen Should Have These Energy-Efficient Features - 06/30/23 04:37 PM
Your home's kitchen is its beating heart. Your family assembles there. There, you often get together to celebrate significant occasions with meals and create priceless memories.
Over all other living areas in the house, the kitchen sees the greatest traffic. Therefore, it is only natural that you would want an energy-efficient kitchen while remodeling yours. A lot of energy is used throughout the day and night by the lights and appliances. Especially during times when you have visitors around, your energy cost could quickly increase.
You would not expect it to be so simple to reduce energy use in a high-energy room like … (1 comments)

home maintenance: 10 Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Insect Free - 06/30/23 03:48 PM
It may seem like an uphill battle to keep these nettlesome pests out of your home given that there are more than 91,000 bug species in the United States and more than 20,000 species in Oregon alone. After all, when summer approaches and we start to open the windows and doors to let the warm, fresh air in, our homes will be even more exposed to pest invasions.
You might be having dreams about spooky things in your cabinets or insects digging burrows in your cake mix or flour. Perhaps you see your cellar being overrun by rodents or your little child … (2 comments)

home maintenance: Best Way to Fix Pest and Termite Damage to Your Home - 05/27/23 03:31 PM
Subterranean termites, which are prevalent in Salem homes, cause more than $1 billion in damage in the United States. Repairing serious damage caused by termites and other pests can cost a homeowner thousands of dollars, and these costs are often not covered by insurance.
The look of flying termites emerging through a structure unexpectedly. Wood that has been infested with termites. Termite shelter tubes found on wood surfaces. And if you have dry rot in your home, it will invite more termites to infiltrate it. Arranging for dry rot repair as soon as feasible may assist to slow the spread of … (1 comments)

home maintenance: Bright Ideas: A Comprehensive Guide to Kitchen Lighting - 05/27/23 02:31 PM
When it comes to house remodeling, the kitchen is likely to get the most attention. After all, the kitchen is the hub of your family's daily activities. It is the heart and nerve center of your home.
And no element of kitchen décor has a more profound impression than lighting. The appropriate kitchen lighting can help you achieve the desired mood and tone. It may also create a warm and pleasant environment in your kitchen while also offering a practical and meaningful atmosphere.
Having enough lighting in your kitchen will provide safety, cleanliness, and visibility for all activities.
Your Salem Home Remodeling Kitchen Lighting … (3 comments)

home maintenance: 4 Siding Home Maintenance Tips - 03/23/23 05:40 PM
Even though you see it every day, your siding rarely receives much thought or attention unless it is tarnished or discolored. However, siding is critical to the structural integrity of your house.
Your siding safeguards your home, its foundation, and its contents. It protects your house from insects, pests, UV rays, wind, snow, rain, and other environmental factors.
If you plan to sell your house in the next few years, you should know that siding has a high return on investment when compared to other home improvement projects. On average, you can anticipate to receive 76 percent off your siding installation, … (3 comments)

home maintenance: Flooring for Your Kitchen or Bathroom - Different Types - 03/05/23 12:11 PM
Due to its substantial surface area, flooring is a necessity in any house renovation. Additionally, it will affect the atmosphere and how the room is used.
In comparison to other rooms in your house, remodeling your bathroom or kitchen can make it more difficult to choose the correct flooring. Because of this, your flooring needs to be able to endure a lot of moisture in addition to being visually pleasing.
The flooring you choose will withstand all kinds of moisture, including steam from boiling water, moisture from mopping in the kitchen, and water that leaks out of a shower stall or … (0 comments)

home maintenance: Adding Solar to Your Home - Cutting Through the Hype - 02/10/23 04:23 PM
Oregon is regarded as a state that values the environment. Therefore, it should not be surprising that renewable energy sources are widely used in this country.
About 776,000 MWh, or 1.2 percent, of Oregon's electricity, was produced by utility-scale, industrial, and domestic solar in 2018, ranking it 18th among all states. In fact, between 2015 and 2019, Oregon solar increased by more than five times.
Solar energy is one of the clean energy sources with the highest growth in the United States. This expansion is particularly true for solar energy used in homes. In fact, since 2014, the amount of solar energy produced … (2 comments)

home maintenance: Renovate Your Home or Move? - 02/08/23 03:04 PM
The choice of a home to purchase is influenced by numerous factors. After some time, though, those requirements might have altered or the home you purchased might not be meeting your standards. It can be because your family is expanding, there isn't enough room for those who work from home, or you're simply dissatisfied with the house as it is right now.
In these situations, homeowners have two choices: renovating the house to make it more suitable or looking for a new house that can be everything they've ever wanted and more. Your decision-making process will depend on a variety of personal … (5 comments)

home maintenance: Advice for Relocating Into a House Needing Major Renovations - 01/31/23 03:31 PM
Purchasing a home that requires renovations has benefits, without a doubt. Frequently, you might get a better property for your money or a decent house in a desirable area. For purchasers without a down payment or a strong credit history, fixer-uppers also provide a route to homeownership.
Many people buy houses that require work. Americans purchased 6.4 million existing homes in November 2021, and 64,000 of those (about 1%) were considered "distressed." These houses undoubtedly required some upkeep.
Purchasing a "fixer-upper" raises the question of whether you should move in before the work is finished.
Many people would suggest that you put off moving … (2 comments)

home maintenance: Top 4 Reasons to Install New Insulation - 01/31/23 03:06 PM
Many possible advantages that could enhance your quality of life come with installing new insulation in your home. Additionally, installing new insulation can reduce noise pollution so you can live in peace and quiet, save you a lot of money on energy costs, and enhance your health by reducing the formation of mold in your home.
If maintaining good health, conserving resources, and showcasing the beauty of your house are among your priorities as a homeowner, now might be the ideal time to think about installing new insulation.
The installation of fresh insulation is warranted for a number of main reasons.
1) Energy Savings … (2 comments)

home maintenance: A Reminder from 3Rs Construction to Schedule Home Maintenance - 03/27/17 09:10 AM
Forgotten Hiding Places for DUST BUNNIESAhhhh…dust bunnies! Don’t you just love them?!
The ones we can see floating across the bare floor are bad enough, but what about the ones that are hiding? You know; the fuzzy little creatures that lurk in the corners, under appliances, and in mechanical units? We don’t often think of these little critters, but they procreate like …well …rabbits!
A mass of lint and fuzz can accumulate before you know it and it becomes more than just a mess to clean up. Home maintenance is necessary to keep your house healthy, strong, and functioning at its best. Just like your … (0 comments)